GTA 5 free with latest Xbox 360 bundle and is "In stock"

GAME make a mistake, which will probably lead to nothing.

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KrisButtar1742d ago

Rockstar making the money they have GTAV bundled with the 360 and the PS3.

ala_7671742d ago

Afterall, who doesn't love Rockstar games!

Lovable1742d ago

Uh...I do. Not saying they're bad, the game is fun to mess around with but that's about it.

3-4-51742d ago

@lov - Game is much more 100x more fun when you have a few friends who are love the game as well.

Me and few get together and just do crazy "deaths" in which we doa ton of damage and try to outrun the police and end up having crazy ,better than movie, get aways with insane things happening that you wish everybody could see.

GTA 5 is just going to kick that randomness into another gear and make everything better.

GTA will always be most fun doing a life or two then passing the controller.

Everybody has their own play style so seeing how somebody else goes about doing something could help you understand the mechanics of the game better or just spark another idea.

wantedboys1742d ago

i think they might ment GTA 4 because the other games are old
Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders II, Forza 4 Motorsport