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Why Nintendo Fans Are Called “Pigs” (and Other Things) in Japan

Not everyone in Japan loves Nintendo. Some people hate Nintendo. Like, really, really hate Nintendo. And online, those folks have nicknames for Nintendo diehards. (3DS, Culture, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

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Myst-Vearn  +   778d ago
what the hell
_QQ_  +   778d ago
LOL what is this? they also call sony fans cockroaches and ms fans gropers. what small minority are they getting this from?!?
iceman06  +   778d ago
Ummm the vocal minority that exists on the internet! Japan has fanboys like every other country. This is just proof that forums in the U.S. are not any better or worse than other places in the world.
thomasmiller  +   778d ago
yes these people are in america and they are called SONY AND MICROSOFT TROLLS AND BRAIN DEAD VIDEO GAME MEDIA!!! but no matter what these no life losers think, nintendo always will be in the video game hardware business... they may not be number one all the time... but they will be around!! and for some reason the sissy trolls and media hate that!! WHHYY?? why don't they just enjoy their own machines and let the nintendo fans enjoy theirs... NAH THEY ARE TOO BIG OF BABIES!!! GET A LIFE LOSERS!!!
Skate-AK  +   778d ago
Ohh the irony.
PigPen  +   777d ago
Not everyone in Japan love Sony. What are they called, skunks. A pig is one of the lowest and dirtiest of animals.

The article doesn't make it seem so bad. Nin-God
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TripC50  +   774d ago
"A pig is one of the lowest and dirtiest of animals."

Define lowest animal. Because pigs are rated 4th in overall intelligence among animals, behind chimps, dolphins and elephants. They have the intelligence of a 3 year-old child.
fsfsxii  +   777d ago
Kotaku is a fucking joke. Why does it still have 3 stars rating?? I keep raping their scores

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