Grand Theft Auto V Could Topple Call of Duty: Black Ops Record

Grand Theft Auto V has the potential to be the biggest launch of the generation, GfK Chart-Track says.

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Wizziokid1614d ago

i hope so, it's a sad state of the gaming generation with have when such a stale, un-imaginative game breaks records and the true masterpiece games don't.

TheGrimOfDeath1613d ago

Don't be too sad, at least some great games were achievements such as The Last Of Us.

ufo8mycat1613d ago

This pretty much sums up whats wrong with gaming :(

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1613d ago

It deserves to I'll put it that way. Rockstart actually puts amazing effort into their games unlike CoD Developers.

Derekvinyard131613d ago

Couldn't have said it better.

cr33ping_death1613d ago

ill be doing my part.... ill be buying this for my PS3 and getting Battlefield 4 for my PS4 :)

Snookies121613d ago

Definitely buying GTAV on launch day.

Soupaman661613d ago

In my opinion, sales don't really matter. it doesn't change the game or the consumer. as long as I like the game, I'm not going to worry about how many people have similar tastes. gtav will not be a disappointment no matter if the figures surpass or not. I don't like comparing games on whats better. you cant really give a grade on a vision a group of people have as if there's a template.I'm planning on getting gtav though.However I'm not concerned with thinking a game is going to be better than another by sales.

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brodychet1612d ago

It actually does matter on how many sales go to which game. For example; Cod gets massive amounts of sales, copies and pastes the same game every year BECAUSE they keep selling, with little to no motivation to change their formula.

On the other hand, games like The Last of Us need (and deserve) as much recognition as possible to continue doing what they love (which is bringing in innovative minds/ideas to make gaming better, and to SET THE BAR higher so that in the future gamers like us will be able to play amazing things. This is our investment into the future of gaming. I know you feel like a single opinion or boycotted sale won't matter, but it does.

Soupaman661612d ago

I'm not saying its something that should be disregarded all the time, but its not something we as consumer should focus on. There are already people with jobs for that. There is managing money, marketing, etc. Its not our responsibility or place to get all worked up over how many sales are made. Look at what happens before, cod fans would give the excuse "our game is better because it sells more". a good game doesn't mean it has to sell well. Sure it deserves it, but this is life. Things happen. Having us complaining and talking about sales is imitation and thinking its doing anything is insanity. Honestly the only thing we as consumers make a difference is with our wallet and our voice, but we need to redirect our voice to the companies instead of ourselves.

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The story is too old to be commented.