Pikmin & Olimar Announced for Super Smash Bros. U

Pikmin and Captain Olimar will be returning to the Smash Bros. series in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. U & 3DS, Nintendo has announced.

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Sev1715d ago

I'm glad they're adding so many new and unique characters. I wonder who else they'll announce.

ritsuka6661714d ago

Professor Layton would be cool.

cpayne931714d ago

Olimar isn't new though he was in brawl. Glad he's returning tho.

TekoIie1714d ago

I think its more exciting because of the new Pikmin game and the more advanced hardware!

Wedge191714d ago

The more they make Smash Bros. awesome,diverse, and interesting, the more I really really wish Sony could have done the same with All Stars. Oh well, at least we've still got Smash Bros. Can't wait to see who else is on the roster.

ritsuka6661714d ago

Pikmin & Olimar> full roster "All Stars"

Not only does this game only come with 20 characters out of the box and post launch characters that are added seem to be paid DLC after the first two weeks of release, but a lot characters that are very important to PlayStation aren't in this game.

NightStalker331714d ago

Except All-Stars has around 1-2 characters each Sony game, while many characters from Smash come from the same game. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Wario are all from the mario universe.

You also have characters that aren't that important to Nintendo, like Sonic, which is 3rd party, Wii Fit Trainer (wtf), and many "clone characters", like the garbage Starfox Roster of Fox, Falco and Wolf.

So yes, Smash may have "more" characters, but All Stars nails the variety, aside from Cole and those OP assholes Raiden and Kratos.

You can't just say the All Stars Roster suck because 2 characters that are no longer Sony didn't make it. Maybe if it had larger sales, Sony might have bought the right to use those characters.

Wedge191714d ago

@NightStalker I wasn't necessarily talking about the roster. Just the game over all. I love All-Stars character roster, it was awesome. It was more of the gameplay, lack of unlockables, and lack of inherent replay value that disappointed me.

Dj7FairyTail1714d ago


You sure
Mario - Super Mario
Donkey Kong - Donkey Kong
Link - The Legend of Zelda
Samus - Metroid
Yoshi - Yoshi
Kirby - Kirby
Fox - Star Fox
Pikachu - Pokemon
Captain Falcon - F-Zero
Ness - Mothers
Ice Climbers - Ice Climbers
Marth - Fire Emblem
Mr. Game n Watch - Game n Watch
Pit - Kid Icarus
Wario - Wario Land / Warioware
Captain Olimar - Pikmin
Villager - Animal Crossing
Wii Fit Trainer - Wii Series

They still haven't used
Golden Sun
Drill Dozer
Advance Wars
Star Tropics
The Legendary Starfy
Sin & Punishment
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
The Wonderful 101
Dillion Rolling Western
and many more

Unlike PS All-Stars though the game most wanted characters aren't from Sony they are from Third Party. Yet Superbot and Santa Monica added the others Sony characters from same series already represented in the stage cameo or supers.

But going to add Zeus and Evil Cole.

NightStalker331714d ago

You misunderstood me, I completely agreed with your post, just not with the post of ritsuka. All-Stars was disappointing, without a doubt, but I had no issue with the roster.

Wedge191714d ago

Ah gotcha :) Carry on then! Just wish we could get the roster of All-stars with the playability of Smash Bros.

ritsuka6661714d ago

You must be new to PlayStation then. Because so many PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 characters that are very important to PlayStation are no where to be found on this game.

NightStalker331714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

They nailed Sly, Ratchet, MedEVIL, Ape Escape, Parrappa, and Jak. Most of the characters that didn't make it, like Spyro, A FF character, and Crash is because Sony doesn't own them anymore. It's really disappointing not to have everyone, but what can you do?

NightStalker331714d ago

No prob. The whole reason I bought and loved All-Stars was because I was already a Smash fan. I thought the general reaction would be positive, and the negativity towards the game, mainly for being a "copy", feels unnecessary.

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Smashbro291714d ago

I just don't see why we wouldn't point people towards the official much nicer page that isn't slow and full of ads.

JonnyBigBoss1714d ago

It looks like the next Super Smash is going to have a huge roster.

Mr_Nuts1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Could of announced a brand new character to go along side Olimar. Announce an old character returning with a new character

NightStalker331714d ago

Still waiting on a Monilith Soft character. Xenoblades has way too many characters not to be used.

user55757081714d ago

i would love one from xenoblade the last story and pandoras tower. im sure they'll at least show up as assist trophies

Firan1714d ago

Riki would fit perfectly.

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