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Digitally Downloaded writes: "Tokyo Jungle was a weird game. Not just because it is weird (though any game which features psychopathic Pomeranian that can take down a fully grown freaking Tiger is not just weird, it's downright terrifying), but because it is a game that I really, truly should have loved. But I didn't. In fact the game failed to click with me at all.

But I was so desperate to give the concept of this game a chance that I just how do download the mobile version. And you know what? This game's formula is so, so much better suited for mobile platforms. Now I'm a fan."

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PrimeGrime1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

A shame, I will say it turned out better than I had thought for a mobile version. I would honestly play it on a phone but I personally am not too into playing games on my phone and I already play Tokyo Jungle.

Hope it does well for them at at least. Really would have loved to see the full version on PS Vita, also I think it would have been far better to release both a mobile and actual Vita version.