Smash Bros: Olimar & the Pikmin join Wii U & 3DS roster

Super Smash Bros Wii U & 3DS developer Sora has added Captain Olimar and his troupe of Pikmin followers to the fight roster. First screens here.

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Smashbro291204d ago

It's Pikmin & Olimar and here is the only source you need:

Thirty3Three1203d ago

This is a duplicate.

C'mon guys. You're GIVEN DUPLICATE SUGGESTIONS! THEY SHOW. Stop ignoring them. You're ruining this community!

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ritsuka6661204d ago

Smash Bros: Olimar & the Pikmin join Wii U & 3DS roster"


Kevlar0091203d ago

While it was possible he wouldn't return, who didn't expect Olimar with the attention Nintendo put on Pikmin3?

XisThatKid1203d ago

Nintendo has shat in my wallet a few too many times for me to invest in another Smash bros entertainment system especially 350$ for one game and honestly this game doesn't impress me. I'll play it a bit though