Pikmin 3 teaches time management and nature’s cruelty | GamesRadar

GamesRadar: "We’ve known about Pikmin 3 for so long that it’s surprising we’d yet to play the campaign in one of our handful of demos. That recently changed when we got to experience the first 90 minutes of Pikmin 3’s story this week, and we were pulled in immediately. The RTS-style combat was still engrossing, but what really pulled us in was the game’s ability to add multitasking to the cutest National Geographic documentary ever."

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starfox791589d ago

Looks amazing love the close up photo's u can take,and bingo battle looks superb,day1 buy for me.....

ibroman1589d ago

The lemon looks sooo reaaalll!

Angeljuice1589d ago

Really? It isn't rounded and has corners, where do you buy your multi-faceted fruit?

On topic, I'm not a Nintendo fan, but this does look pretty cool.

ibroman1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Aww come on that's still the most realistic lemon i've seen in a GAME plus you didn't mention the textures caught ya lol joking still thats pretty real man. And ... i cant wait!

starfox791588d ago

The grapes in that other trailer look amazing almost like u can pick them from the screen and eat them....

ibroman1588d ago

Lol actually the pkmin pick the grapes one by one so you dont need to looool.