Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Good Guys Get Even More Screenshots and Renders

Today Square Enix released a series of renders of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s key allies, and tonight we got even more screenshots and renders of them, this time from the Japanese branch of the publisher.

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GodofPlaystation1749d ago

This game is actually looking pretty good.

Abriael1749d ago

I'd say more than pretty good. Among MMORPG it's the best looking at the moment, and by a long shot.

ajames3471749d ago

Yeah seriously. Even on the PS3 version it looks great but the PC version is just mind-blowing.

Abriael1749d ago

Can't wait to see how it'll look on PS4 and with the DirectX11 client coming next year...

Firan1749d ago

It really does. I will definitely give this a shot again when it releases. I will make a new character though because it felt very boring to play with my old one in the beta.

Sam Fisher1749d ago

I might buy it, obviously durring the holidays ofcourse, im in the beta and i spend days straight thru on this game, love it

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tanookisuit1749d ago

The new guy they put in charge of this (I forget his name, sorry), is really stepping-up! Of course, the people working underneath him are doing wonders, too.

Skate-AK1749d ago

Naoki Yoshida pretty sure.

1749d ago
Fishermenofwar1749d ago

release the gaammmmeee already...take my money...