New DLC for Two Worlds

New downloadable content (called Curse of Souls) has been added to the marketplace today for the Two Worlds. The price of the content is 600 Microsoft Points but has quite a lot of value to it. The content adds new weapons, maps, and quest. This downloadable content is expected to add 10 hours to the gameplay.

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ichimaru3882d ago

gotta laugh inside when you here the name

still the worst3882d ago

sounds like a bad april fools joke

gogators3882d ago

I liked some of the multiplayer stuff you could do with the game. To bad the game wasn't better over all.

starbuck3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

The frame rate was improved by far in the 1.6 patch still not amazing but a big improvement.
Multiplayer is stable before I couldn't host a room for 2 people now i can get 6 in still jumpy in places but not as bad as people make out.
The 2 new DLC packs are loads of fun they actually add a co-op story to each of the 4 levels contained in each pack eg DLC 1 map 1 is based around a necromancer prison break.