Final Fantasy XV - The Mystery Behind the Myth

GameTrailers: "From old Shakespeare quotes to the rebirth of Versus, we explore every angle and trailer to gaze deep into the crystals and shed light on the latest flash of Final Fantasy."

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FullmetalAlchemist1774d ago

I can't contain my level of hype for this game, I'm super excited. And this video only makes the wait for it even worse lol.

j-blaze1774d ago

same here, one of my most anticipated games ever!
so glad they moved it to next gen, looks way better than when it was VersusXIII

iamtehpwn1773d ago

Wow look at the disagrees. It's amazing the hypocrisy of Square Enix "fans" who claimed that Versus XIII was the savior of humanity and now that it's actually coming out (in a much higher quality than we originally anticipated AND as XV)it is meeting mixed reception before it even releases.

It sort of Angers me as a long time Final Fantasy fan that people won't give this game (which is made by an entirely different team than 12, 13, and 14!) a chance for goodness sake.

MonChiChi1773d ago

Anyone who mentions disagrees deserve a disagree.

You are welcome.

Snookies121773d ago

@MonChiChi - You mentioned disagrees, am I supposed to give you one too? I've not been filled in on these rules! D:

CLOUD19831773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

No1 have any prob with that game before until we learn that this is going to be the next main FF game, & that's where the prob is, as a spinoff Versus XIII was ok to have that battle system & be all fast paced action & boom-boom & explosions & flying swords & crazy jumps from ships to ship & from buildings to buildings & any other Michael Bay-like scene was ok for Nomura to add it & make this game like a summer blockbuster film.

But a few millions of old-school fans who haven't play a descent main FF game for over 10 years now doesn't like where SE is headed with FF, FF was always known for turn-based battle system because if u change that to real time the game becomes a mindless button mashing, it becomes hack & slash & no plan or strategy involved to win battles anymore, & that's not what old-school fans like, mindless/non-strategic battles, Nomura can keep this battle system for KH, FF doesn't need to change to that degree to be better.

What FF needs is to have the old good formula, fans SHOUT literally for all those years to SE to check the past games & try to understand what make them so successful, the only way to replicate that success is for SE to return to their roots, they r out of touch with their fans & never listen what they say & that's why their sales suffer & their company have so huge financial problems, until they start listen again it wont change anything.

I hope FFXVI to be turn-based & give me back that old-school feeling, because if that's the future of FF then I don't want to have any part with it, although I said all that Versus was one of my most anticipated game all that before I learn that this will be the next main FF game now I have mixed feelings, I wanted to play this as a spinoff & w8 patiently to see how FFXV will be, now the w8 is going to be even longer w8ing to see what SE plan for FFXVI & this will probably be their last change to redeem their selves to the face of long time fans.

Irishguy951770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

@Cloud, if you really think the turn based battle system is what made FF so really don't know what makes it good. The battle system has always been it's weakest point imo.

What was wrong with FFXIII? Simple, it was boring. All you did was use a decent battle system for 40 hours straight. FF games would ALL be dreadful if that's all you could do for 40 hours. FF battles have always gotten repetitive, there is a reason 'grinding' it called 'grinding'. You need a break from the battles in these games to make up for the poor combat. Every FF had that, even FF10. Some people link FF10 to 13 with it's linearity completely forgetting that FF10 actually had more to do than battle.

FFXV has all that. Along with a KH battle system(the recent games combat were much better than any FF) and some other decent combat. An RPG is not made by it's combat. The witcher and Dark souls are reknowned RPG's, Skyrim(which I don't like), the ME series etc...all RPG's. Why should final fantasy stick to it's archaic combat system, it is getting left behind and **** on by western RPG's with vastly superior gameplay.

It's bloody stupid though. You don't like this game because of it's name? Get a grip. A good game is a good game is a good game. Lets just hope FFXV has the good side of FF in it along with a good battle system. Apparently it still has the good side in it.

Sorry, im an old school fan too btw. I'm not bloody so old and bent up on Nostalgia that I can't see how other RPG's have surpassed FF in certain area's. FF fell far behind in terms of the combat.

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Snookies121773d ago

This is the first time since Final Fantasy X came out, that I have COMPLETE faith in a Final Fantasy entry. Meaning I will pre-order and buy it on launch day. I have absolute trust based on what Nomura has said and promised, that this game will be nothing short of amazing.

FullmetalAlchemist1773d ago

I've never really even played a Final Fantasy game before except for like 30 minutes of FFVII, it's amazing how much I'm dying to play XV, this game has really grabbed my attention.

karl1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

f"ck lighting...

seven years in development...???

this gotta be the FF we all hope for...

hkgamer1773d ago

seven years in development means nothing, actually probably makes it worse since its been so long. Technology does change alot during these 7 years.

Anyways, definitely the game I am waiting for, hopefully it would be early 2014 worldwide launch.

iamtehpwn1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

If you dig into interviews, Nomura was actually asked why he switched to PS4, and it was because he was having problems creating his vision on PS3, he said current gen consoles simply didn't have enough power/memory to create a massive world, fully destructible environments, boss battle on a massive scale, real time combat...All happening at the exact same time. With near-CGI quality signature Square Enix graphics.

There is actually a completed Alpha (meaning it's playable from beginning to end) Build of Versus XIII according to Nomura, and this is what we saw in the 2011 trailer. Nomura and the team not satisfied with a very far in development Versus XIII on PS3, decided to scrap the game and remake it for Playstation 4 because next gen consoles the ability to create Nomura's vision with out any compromise.

karl1773d ago

u r probably right..

but what little we know about the plot has me really hyped for this game..

in seven years leaving aside all the tecno stuff that i know nothing about..

u figure this people have come with new ideas plot twist .. characters are probably more developed than before..

i doubt the script is the same as it was seven years ago...

just as a little example. Noctis has changed a lot since we first saw it... and the current version of him isnt more than a year old i think. dont quote on that....

thats just cosmetic but the the plot and characters are bound to be more polished over such a long time

Darrius Cole1773d ago


I hope you are right. If that is the reason then the game will rock even harder than it did when I thought it would on PS3.

I do interviews. Do you have any links?

I am still hyped for this game 7 years later. Here's to hoping that Final Fantasy is better in the PS4 generation than it was in the PS3 generation.

FamilyGuy1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Wow, I didn't know half of the story that they mentioned here and it all seems amazing. I can't wait.

Btw j-blaze, FF versus 13 was already an amazing looking game. All the old trailers pegged it as being one of the best looking PS3 games to date. The new trailer looks great but it doesn't stand out so much so that a next gen finish is all that noticeable to me yet.

A couple specific scenes do look well beyond PS3 capable so far though:
The scene where the Behemoth walks by in the underground parking lot looking area.
The scene where the blonde dude puts his hand on Noctis shoulder, shoots a guy, an the action then continues on all in real time. When I first saw that scene I thought it was an in-engine cut scene but it doesn't cut away, it's just a small touch that makes the character interaction seem more realistic.

hkgamer1773d ago

Gameplay definitely looks very similar to the PS3's top in-game cutscenes. But since it was worked on PS3 for so long they probably didn't have too much time to upgrade it. looks stunning enough though.

I wonder how that scene which you mentioned would work. I mean does it happen alot when you close to that character? or is it a a pre-determined scene that happens?

karl1773d ago

i know nothing about the time to triangle mark cerny was talking about

but i wonder how long it took them to reach the same point in development they were with ps3 on ps4

hkgamer1773d ago

I could see them mixing alot of shakespeare type themes.

Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Othello.

Probably not mix all the stories together, but I can see alot get influenced by it.

Noctis and the girl would probably have something similar to romeo and juliet. etc...

Snookies121773d ago

Makes me think of that play in the FFVI opera house lol.

Capt-FuzzyPants1773d ago

I was thinking the same thing. This seems like it will heavily be influenced by Romeo and Juliet. The picture of all the characters faces pretty much says it all. Noctis and Stella are on opposite ends and all of their family and servants and such are in between them.

Plus Nomura said in interviews that he likes the style of Baz Luhrman who did that modernized version of Romeo and Juliet like 10 years ago.

SolDojo1773d ago

Not sure I've ever been so excited about a Final Fantasy game.

kalkano1773d ago

I've never been LESS excited for a main entry in the series. I've also never NOT bought one...until now.

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