Metro: Last Light - $0.01 Digital Download

Metro: Last Light is now $0.01 on the BestBuy website. The game that reached critical acclaim is now being sold for practically free. This buying this will give you the download code, so that you may play the game on PC. The code will be emailed to you, enjoy the savings while they last!

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HystericalGamez1779d ago

This is pretty awesome, since this game was so incredible.

JasonXE1779d ago

Oh god this is going to be a big thing after they find this bug in the system, but they can't do anything to the people who buy it.

ThatEnglishDude1779d ago

It no longer works...and this has already been posted.

ThatEnglishDude1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

How the funk did this get approved? It stopped working yesterday evening AND we already had an article on it:

SilentNegotiator1778d ago

I can't seem to get the report box to appear. I keep scrolling to "duplicate" and clicking, and then nothing happens.

I guess this article is going to get away with it and leave lots of people disappointed when they realize that it doesn't actually work.

ThatEnglishDude1778d ago

Same here! I thought it was my browser at fault.

I wish the author would at LEAST put an update stating it no longer works.

MooseWI1778d ago

Damn it! Got my hopes up that it was working again...

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