'Metro: Last Light' current $.01 on Best Buy's website

Examiner: "If you act now, and head on over to Best Buy's website, you can nab yourself a copy of Metro: Last Light for only a penny. In what's surely an error, many are capitalizing on the mistake and purchasing the title which released just two months ago."


We're getting reports that Best Buy has ran out of codes and is now refunding people's orders, for what it's worth. The web page is still up if you want to attempt to purchase one. Congratulations if you managed to snag yourself a code!

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Snookies121537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

It's not there for me...

EDIT: Never mind it worked lol! That is so awesome... Hopefully it goes through...

Kamikaze81537d ago

Worked for me, though they give you a code to enter on their website to get the code. Kinda stupid, but I'll take it for a penny.

Snookies121537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Seriously appreciate the heads up on this! :]

I really wanted to check this game out, and if I do like it I'll definitely try and buy the game again to support the devs.

Testfire1537d ago

Lol, my PC can't even dream to run this and I'm not upgrading anytime soon. Gonna sell the code on Ebay.

aCasualGamer1537d ago

Guys, if i want to get this game and i don't live in US, how can i get this offer from Bestbuy?

PM me if you'd be kind enough to buy this to me.


Does it work on steam? I want achievements !

BluEx6101537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Holy shit it's still active for .01 cent lol. I'm ordering like 50 of these. I just bought a Graphic Card and a day later they started a promotion for free Metro Last Light with it. I was bummed, but now I'm happy. =)

aCasualGamer1537d ago

Guess i'm not getting this fine deal as i don't live in US and i don't have a valid adress >=/

adorie1537d ago

Can anyone confirm that they got their code?

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adorie1537d ago

Woo! I got one too, Wanna gift it to a good friend. :)

1537d ago
GuyThatPlaysGames1536d ago

That game wasn't even worth a cent. It sucked

GuyThatPlaysGames1536d ago

This game has nothing to do with CoD

NeXXXuS1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

It's an FPS.

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allformats1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Why thank you Examiner!!! This is a crazy deal!

Edit: Ah, it's the PC version! Still good, but I was hoping for the console version of the game. Still a steal!

ginsunuva1537d ago

Why would you want the console version of a pc graphical powerhouse?

Xaphy1536d ago

because not everyone has a monster pc?

No Way1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Cause I have a laptop that freezes up with too many internet tabs open! :S

Murad1536d ago

I actually agree with you. Sadly I would say that PC is better, but in all honesty, it better be because it costed me a ton of money to upgrade it to EVGA GTX 760 and even more with a power supply, but got to say, the Console version looks fabulous as well.

animegamingnerd1537d ago

i am tempted to do it but i am worried they would fix this and charge 60$

Snookies121537d ago

I don't think they could do that. The product is labeled as such on the website, and it is giving you confirmation before purchase that the price is $0.01. Which means you are buying it from them at THAT set price. They can't charge you anything over that, because it was their mistake. For all we know, it could have been a promotional sale or something... (Sure, it's not lol) but you get my point.

Testfire1537d ago

The price is legit, but it was only supposed to be a promo price for those who bought certain graphic cards, it wasn't supposed to be available to everyone. And they can't charge you any more that .01 without your consent, you consented to .01 any further charges would be illegal.

Kamikaze81537d ago

Yeah, they can't that would be illegal.

InTheLab1537d ago

It's their error,not yours. It's illegal to advertise a price and adjust it after money is exchanged...

konnerbllb1537d ago

In addition to what others have said above me, the most they could do is cancel the order.

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InTheLab1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Must have fixed it :/ Guess I'll wait for the Steam sale...

edit....never mind. If you go through it wont work, but if you click the link on Examiner, it will...

jdktech20101537d ago

I would feel bad for doing this. I might end up waiting for the steam sale since this is obviously a mistake and would be robbing the developers money and Best Buy (don't care as much on this one)

InTheLab1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Gonna buy it on Steam now. I feel terrible. Like I just walked out with a game...

Edit: So I'm on Steam and the purchase option is missing. It's only letting me pre order...wth?

jdktech20101537d ago

If you're really purchasing it on steam, wait for the daily deal. I've got a hunch it'll go for 50% of or maybe more. I think 24.99 is the sale price that will happen.

InTheLab1536d ago

Best Buy canceled the order after the purchase so I feel good now about waiting for an actual sale. I'm sure day 5 of Steam's sale will give me a sweet deal...