GamePlanet - Diablo III console edition hands-o

GamePlanet - After years of speculation and false starts, Blizzard is finally releasing a game for consoles. James Cullinane goes controller-on with Diablo III, and speaks with the console edition's senior designer, Jason Bender.

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1714d ago
Dunpeal1714d ago

i wanna wait and get this on ps4, but i wonder if ppl will still be playing it at that point

zep1714d ago

i have this on pc but i will still get this on ps4 just because of the 4 player offline coop

Dunpeal1714d ago

cool bro. i'll hit you up in a year

pennywhyz1714d ago

This game is not good.All blizzard is tryin to do is take ya money.I guess when ya spend 65$ you will find out for yourself.Im not trolling just giving u my advice before yas spend that kind of money.But again this is my opinion.

thekhurg1714d ago

The console version doesn't have the drawbacks that the PC version has. You can't make some sweeping statement that the game sucks since it's not comparable to the PC version.

Big-Bruizzer1713d ago

And you can't make any comparisons either unless you've played the console versions that aren't even out yet

thekhurg1713d ago

I didn't make any comparisons, stupid. I stated that the console version doesn't have the drawbacks from the PC version - that is a fact.

pennywhyz1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Dosnt matter console or not the core of the game is very reapetive drawbacks or not.only 4 stages then ther is a hard mode then expert mode.Game sux.i was maken a statement to save yas 65$ but if yas wanna get offended go ahead waste the money.Thats what blizzard wants.