Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot Thinks PS4/Xbox One Gen Should Last 5 Years

It’s been a long wait for new consoles since the Xbox 360 kicked off this gen in 2005, but the PS4 and Xbox One are finally out this holiday. - PSLS

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dbjj120881780d ago

Right. Because that'll happen, even though this gen should have taught Microsoft and Sony not to rely so heavily on the 10-year plan.

Sitdown1780d ago

Why so? Given that the systems continue to sell, and at a greater profit margin.

CGI-Quality1780d ago

Sony has always had a 10+ year plan for their consoles. So far, it has yet to fail them. Besides, 10 years doesn't mean no successor for the entirety of that time period (again, something that has yet to fail Sony).

OT: I prefer a new gen every 5-6 years, myself. This way, I don't feel burnt out of the previous gen while still being stoked for what's new. The 360 and PS3 have gone too long without successors.

ABizzel11780d ago

Technologically speaking the consoles should last 6 years, before UHD GPU's become the norm and 2k and 4k gaming become standard.

That being said I don't see them in any rush once again (besides Nintendo who knows they'll need to capitalize on any potential head start they may get).

I see Wii U being the only console to last around 5 years. We'll probably get a E3 reveal summer 2018 with a launch later that holiday.

As for PS5 and Xbox? the tech they want will be ready by 2018, but it'll cost too much, so we may get a reveal in late 2019, with a release in 2020 (another 7 year cycle). So 6 full years of gaming before a reveal, and 7 full years before the next-gen.

adorie1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

I like this medium-sized wall of text.

Contrary to popular belief about the internet, ABizzel1, I am sincerely a female.

I'm not offended, however. I get that a lot. I sometimes debate if I should put up my real picture as an avatar, but dat privacy.

ABizzel11780d ago


You are a wise man ;D

ABizzel11780d ago



You are a wise lady ;D

princejb1341780d ago

Why would you want a console released every 5 years?
10 year plan is fine
Not everyone has money to buy a console every 5 years

That's why I'm a console gamer and not a pc gamer

stone_cold1780d ago

He mean Xbox one should last 5 years

but PS4 ...... put another 4

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TrendyGamers1780d ago

I'd say we might see a 5.5 year wait, with either Sony or Microsoft choosing to release ahead of the holidays.

iGAM3R-VIII1780d ago

nahh 5.65 seems like the better estimate

CoLD FiRE1780d ago

I'm thinking 6.9 would be great.

Stryfeno21780d ago

What about 5.-1, is that not realistic?

Godmars2901780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Given how they were designed you'd expect another 10 year cycle if not longer. Especially given the way MS tried to just dump DRM instead of phasing it in.

Then again given their and Nintendo's mistakes this might be only a 4-5 cycle.

And lets just forget that this is someone from Ubisoft saying this.

M-M1780d ago

They will last much longer than 5 years.

InTheZoneAC1780d ago

ps3 came out in 2006, that's 7 years when ps4 is released. I could see 1 more solid year from ps3, which would put it at 8 and that's closer to 10 than the 5 this article suggests next gen will last.

Agent_00_Revan1780d ago

Given the recent pile of AAA games, I could see ps3 lasting another year.

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