The Top 5 Games you need to play before Xbox One and PS4

onPause writes:

Do I need to care about video games, pre-order anything before November or should I save my sweet, sweet cash for the new consoles? Well, I can tell you this, you better hold on to you 360s and PS3s because we have 5 pretty rad reasons why you shouldn’t sell your ‘old’ hardware just yet.

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mcroddi1805d ago

That is just such a no brainer right?

mcroddi1805d ago

When you think about it, this list along can keep one busy until well into the next gen!

brandonw001805d ago

GTA V looks so awesome. That gameplay trailer was amazing.

mcroddi1805d ago

I may have had a bit of a chubby watching it.

SquareEnixFan1805d ago

Beyond is the main game I've been waiting for all year.

mcroddi1805d ago

Very cool that this is your favorite upcoming game, refreshing.

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