Ubisoft: Watch Dogs "The Same Game" On Current- And Next-Gen

Publisher says number of characters on-screen cut down for PS3, Xbox 360 versions, though game is fundamentally the same across generations.

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stubbed_out1743d ago

So the PC version should be similar to the PS4/X1?

Who are we kidding, no it won't be.

wishingW3L1743d ago

it will look prettier on PC but it will be the same game.

minimur121743d ago

Are they going to make their mind up or what ?!?!

BitByter1743d ago

You sir/miss, are dumb; Incredibly dumb.

stubbed_out1743d ago

Got to admit that was a pretty retarded comment by myself...apologies.

This is what happens when you write things at 4am (Saudi time).

I was mainly worried about the PC version not being as good as the PS4/X1 versions as it comes out at the same time as the PS3/360. I think it's a pretty fair point as there hasn't been any clarification on it...or if there has please let me know.

thekhurg1743d ago

More concerned with him stating that next gen consoles would be launching before the game did. Spoiler release possibly? I thought this game was a lock for a launch day title...

MysticStrummer1743d ago

Originally I heard it wasn't a launch title, then that it was. I say don't release until it's ready.

Becuzisaid1743d ago

I kind of took that as he knew that next-gen would be available to develop on before the game shipped. I'm pretty sure other interviews have confirmed this is a launch title.

S2Killinit1743d ago

Didn't they say something really vague along the lines of suggesting that the current gen was going to be less dynamic than XB1, which was mistakenly taken by xbox fans to mean that it was superior to PS4 "because of the cloud"? So now, its the same game across all platforms eh?

PigPen1743d ago

PC, Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 version will look the same. Before anyone go off the deep in, look at the Watch Dogs game footage on the Jimmy Fallon show.

medman1743d ago

The comments these guys have been making are not filling me with confidence. How can it be the same game from current to next gen? If that is the case, you're not utilizing the tools afforded by the next gen consoles properly.

aLucidMind1743d ago

Probably the same thought process behind PS3 and XBox 360 versions of the same games of various titles being the same. It wouldn't exactly be a bright idea for a developer to favor one console completely while shafting the other, despite releasing for both.

Just like it wouldn't be a smart idea to punish those who aren't getting next gen for a while that choose to get this game for current gen. I do believe Ubisoft has stated that the city would feel more alive and robust on the next-gen consoles in comparison to current-gen, though.

game_infected1743d ago

He means story and side,mini missions or size of map not cut down from x360 or ps3. Just this

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The story is too old to be commented.