Gamers Can't Handle the New Female Head at Xbox

Microsoft's new company reorganization promotes Julie Larson-Green, a 19-year company veteran, to head up Xbox—a position recently left vacant by Don Mattrick—a move that has a lot of gamers very, very upset because she's a woman, who supposedly has no gaming experience. Oh and also, she's hot. When the news hit the social gaming news site N4G, commenters were quick to point out her shortcomings.

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Mr_Nuts1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I think it also has more to do that she was the head of the Windows 8 division.

Don apparently was a gamer and look what he was like (a waking train wreck), now we are getting someone who probably hasn't touched a game in her life. It's kind of worrying.

Anyway look at that...N4G is famous :D

iamnsuperman1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Thats my worry about her but she could have been the only one with good enough managerial skills. To be honest I think I would rather have someone who is a born leader who can keep the team inline and focused than someone who is just a games lover. Your top dog of a big company division needs to be more than someone who has grown up in the industry.

I did see a lot of comments here getting worked up because she is a woman which is just stupid sexism. Internet anonymity doing its thing

iGAM3R-VIII1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

The only problem with her is that she IS NOT A GAMER. You cannot put someone who has no idea about gaming as the head of something related to gaming. It's like making Yoshida the head of Lamborghini.

LOL and yay! N4G has been set famous now! :P

Blachek1750d ago

Some of the largest companies in the world turned themselves around or increased their market shares and profitability by bringing in CEO's or Department Heads with no prior experience in the industry.

Running a division or company is a beast upon itself, requiring business savy. She will have gamers everywhere she looks to help her with perspective, just because she supposedly hasnt had the pleasure of rage quitting and smashing a controller of the ground in one of our beloved games doesnt mean she cannot relate or surround herself with those that could.

If we want to judge her before she does anything at all, we need to look at her accomplishments and history both in MS and before. She could suck in this role, but we wont don't know she will because she isnt a gamer.

Mainsqueeze1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

How could she possibly be a gamer...the article mentions how we don't know if shes a gamer or not, but i mean come on, she been a top executive at Microsoft developing things for Windows for the past 19 years of her life. For me and I think most gamers, it has nothing to do with the fact that shes a woman, its the fact that she (most likely) has no idea what core gamers want. I'm positive she is super intelligent and knows how to run a part of a company from a financial standpoint but its very very unlikely she knows what core gamers want. Either way she's not the only one making every single little decision and is untested so we have to wait and see, i'm just being cautious.

ma1asiah1750d ago


Mr Kotick anyone!!!! He is not a gamer and in fact he has very little interest in gaming.

Yet he is the big man or figure head over at Activision aparently helping them make billions in profit.

So your point about her appointment to the head of MS Hardware and Devices division was what exactly....ohhh that was it

"You cannot put someone who has no idea about gaming as the head of something related to gaming. It's like making Yoshida the head of Lamborghini."

Mr Kotick I guess would say otherwise

BitbyDeath1750d ago

Is she the one that thought Xbone was a water cooler? Not a very bright person... :-s

Dlacy13g1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

"she is not a gamer" keeps coming up. I can't disagree or agree with that cause I have no idea if she is a gamer. Anyone interviewed her...anyone ask her if she likes games? She was the one behind Windows 7... so that in my eyes is a good thing. She only took over Windows 8 after the guy who made Windows 8 left.

I have no issue with her, and hope she can bring some freshness to the Xbox Platform that the stale suits from the likes of Don Matrick were quite frankly stinking up a bit.

Edit: Oh yeah and WTF? "Oh and also, she's hot"?!?!? What in the hell does that have to do with ANYTHING related to her taking on this role? Jesus, talk about sexist comments...

Conzul1750d ago

Wow. I actually feel sorry for Xbox fans...that's never happened to me before...

HammadTheBeast1750d ago

Apparently Yahoo thinks 50 year olds are "hot".

ickysweat771750d ago

@ma1asiah "Yet he is the big man or figure head over at Activision aparently helping them make billions in profit."

Exactly, that is what everyone is so afraid of. Activision puts out the same stupid product every year and pockets all the cash from the gamers that keep buying the same COD every year. Instead of building a new game engine or trying to innovate in any way, they pocket their billions of dollars and give us the same crap each year. If a gamer was running that company, they may actually be able to make a decent game.

SilentNegotiator1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I like how Yahoo underlined a comment that said they were worried because she isn't a gamer....OOOOH how terrible of gamers to want gamers as gaming industry heads!!

And they're all angry over obvious troll comments about "kitchens"/"coo king". The majority of people that make those jokes aren't really sexist, but Yahoo is delving into a culture they know nothing about to make up a sexism piece.

allformats qualified his comment and Yahoo STILL crucified him over his opinion of her (and not for her freaking gender).

Gotta love the super-sensitive 21st century windbags that look in the wrong places for social issues.

SilentNegotiator1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

"Some of the largest companies in the world turned themselves around or increased their market shares and profitability by bringing in CEO's or Department Heads with no prior experience in the industry"

...what does that have to do with the perspective of GAMERS?! This whole article is based on some N4G comments.

Gamers weren't complaining that "Oh noes! She might lose Microsoft money!!"
Nooooo, they were saying "She might not know what core gamers want"

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dedicatedtogamers1750d ago

Playing the "feminist victim" card is pretty dumb. And while some users have been incredibly sexist just because Larson-Green is a woman, it doesn't mean her as lead is a good thing.

The Xbox division was once its own division with an executive that reported directly to Ballmer, the CEO. Now Xbox is split between two divisions being led by two people and it has to compete with Windows, Surface, WP8, etc for attention.

Bathyj1750d ago

Its cute when our little site gets mentioned.

MrKingofVideoGames1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

Too bad they didn't include the posters names it would have made for wonderful N4G "achievements/trophies. Those quoted should certainly add the text to their profiles.

M-M1750d ago

Oh great just what we need, trolls getting publicity on a major site lmao.

MrSwankSinatra1750d ago

don wasn't a train wreck until the xbox one reveal, so it isn't fair to discredit his accomplishments with the xbox brand because of one reveal.

RiPPn1750d ago

It wasn't just the Xbox One reveal, Xbox has been pretty stagnant for about 4 years now, pretty much about the time Mattrick took over. I just think the Xbox One reveal opened a lot of people's eyes to the train wreck that Don truly was.

Mounce1750d ago

I'd say:

What allformats is what it is. The news or journalists will want to sensationalize that gamers are sexist or low-lifes who can't handle women who are gamers. The fact of the matter are most are upset because of her BACKGROUND, not what bloody god damn gender she is. All the comments that are derogative are generally jokeful, of poor but dry taste in the stereotypes or cliches. All it means is the likeliness that they themselves don't have girlfriends because of their 'attitude'.

It doesn't reflect the gaming industry and Gamers' input as a whole that she likely does not qualify because she herself is not a Gamer.

starchild1750d ago

N4G is famous for it's fanboy trolls...woohooo!

What a disgrace. There is nothing wrong with Julie Larson-Green. And the fact that she is a woman has absolutely no bearing on how well she will do in this position.

CalibriSerif1750d ago

Game Director: Julie, Gran Turismo 7 looks awesome, any plans to produce a game of such magnitude?

Julie: Gran Turismo 7? Why we also have Grand Theft Auto 6 coming on our platform too.

Game Director: But Julie, those are totally different games.

Julie: Really? Im sorry, can you tell me more about it?

Mainsqueeze1750d ago

Spot on Calibri, this is what i'm personally worried about. Someone that just doesn't know games. WTF is wrong with gamers wanting gamers to be in charge of making their products.

JBSleek1750d ago

N4G bullshit and people believe anything. She never touched Windows 8... Windows 7 was all her down to UI and features. Also headed up Office.

RedHawkX1750d ago

gamers probably thought she was a robot or something at first but then they realised its just botox and hollywood facial surgery. nip tuck.

greenlantern28141749d ago

No one cares are should care about the fact that it is a woman. Every one should care she isn't from the gaming world and she is a 19 year corporate " yes" person.
And her appearance has nothing to do with her capabilities as a manager. But it seems that ms has restructured to put people in charge that will just do what they are told

superkidcupid131749d ago

well she was also the overseer of windows 7 so her being in this position might not b as bad as everyone thinks

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Donnieboi1750d ago

Who cares if she's a woman. Why are people hyping-up her gender? Bottom line: She has NO gaming experience. Seriously, why was it given to her if she has no experience?

It makes me sick when people give positions to less qualified people just because of gender or race. HOW is it that after all these years of Xbox being around, that she is the most qualified for the position, when she never once worked in the gaming division before. Plus she already has a ton of other responsibilities there which will detract from the focus that Xbox desperately needs (gaming-wise).

But whatever, Xbox has been downhill for years. Now they give it to someone with ZERO game industry experience. LOL, i'll just sit back, grab some popcorn, play my PS4 and see what happens.

LackTrue4K1750d ago Show
JBSleek1750d ago

Why the hell would a gamer be the head of the hardware portion of a damn company???

sonic9891750d ago

gaming should have been an independent division just like now
because if you think 1 hardware every 6 or so years and tons and tons of software released for it now thats a tricky division to manage because it includes both hardware and software.
so it makes sense Xbox isn't a surface or a keyboard

Hicken1750d ago

Because it's the GAMING portion of the damn company.

JBSleek1750d ago


There is no damn gaming portion of this company. There is no dedicated role for that. She is the head of hardware and engineering with all hardware based products.

How would a gamer be in that role...

Hicken1750d ago

If the Xbox brand isn't the gaming portion, then what the hell is it? More to the point, why the hell ISN'T it?

Maybe it's just me, but I'd want somebody who KNOWS the product or the industry the product is in to be head of that division. That only makes sense to me.

JBSleek1750d ago


Xbox is a service now. It transcends gaming at this moment. And no that doesn't mean the abandon gaming but it isn't the only form of entertainment.

She is a self taught programmer the lady is smart. Sure she isn't a gamer per day but that isn't the direction MS is taking this. Xbox as a service not as hardware.

She was likely picked because she made Windows 7 what it is and the modern UI of Office. She has talent. Also she isn't the only figure head.

What makes sense to me is that you don't judge her before she even starts because you don't feel she is qualified to run hardware because she isn't a "gamer"

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Jakens1749d ago

No issues here with her or her job.

PSjesus1750d ago

Who cares Xbox is a media box and gaming is a small portion of TV experience

MysticStrummer1750d ago

I'm sure some aren't comfortable with her because of gender, but I'd say most don't like the looks of her resume.

SegaSaturn6691750d ago

The thing I hate about her resume the most is there seems to be no "Mark Cerny" in letterhead at the top and some strange lady probably kidnapped him and changed it.

MysticStrummer1750d ago

She does look a little like Cerny...

Maybe it's Marsha Cerny, Mark's long lost sister... or a genetically manipulated clone...


Her resume just doesn't scream "gamer cred", but that doesn't mean she can't do a good job. It does give ammo to those who say One's main focus isn't gaming though.

sonic9891750d ago

( freedom of expression )
beside not having any gaming experience i am not being sexiest here but the charisma that execs like tretton, hirai, and reggie, have.
cant be matched by this women IMO again

isarai1750d ago

What? I'm kind of offended by this generalizing shitty statement. Gamers have always been absolutely fine with female lead roles in the game industry. i didn't hear any complaints when Assassins creed, Uncharted, and Journey made it publicly known that they had female leads on their games.

Cueil1750d ago

90 percent sony fanboys using it as ammo...