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The Best And Worst Of The Steam Summer Sale

Kotaku - The biggest sale of the year is here, but is it the best? (PC, Steam)

hiredhelp  +   662d ago
Soo far theres nothin for me but this still day 1.
Totoro17  +   662d ago
Bioshock Infinite, of course. I also snagged up Hot Line Miami and Scribblenauts Unlimited. I'm going to be so broke :(...but so entertained :)
xPhearR3dx  +   662d ago
Funny thing is, I got Bioshock Infinite at launch for $40. Cdkeysdiscount had it for Steam on sale for pre-order. From the day 1 sale, I picked up Hot Line Miami as well, along with the Deluxe Edition Upgrade for Defiance :)
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Totoro17  +   662d ago
Very nice :)
gamerz  +   662d ago
Day 1: only $41.47 poorer. So far so good!
MooseWI  +   662d ago
Wow lol. So far everything I've bought has been funded by these cards games drop lol.
animegamingnerd  +   662d ago
i just sold a couple cards and got a dollar like instantly after i put them up for sell
Megaton  +   662d ago
Spent approx $15 on 7 indies so far.
memots  +   662d ago
Down only 2.24 for Bastion.

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