Gears of War for Xbox One

"You could question the fact that the latest/fourth game released in the Gears of War franchise; Gears of War: Judgment, certainly did not hold up to the popularity of the trilogy along with the lead on all three previous games, Cliff Blesinski as well as..."

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TheGrimBunny1613d ago

It is hard to say if Gears of War can recover from Judgment.

Abash1613d ago

I didnt even play Judgement so I cant say if it's as bad as I heard it is, but Gears of War 3 just ended the series for me. It felt closed and done with at the end, and I really have no interest in another game being made in the series.

If anything Epic should create a spiritual successor to Gears, with similar and expanded upon gameplay but in a new universe with a new (and hopefully better written) story

MizTv1613d ago

It ended for me after 1
Shit just went down hill
But will always love gears1

Dlacy13g1613d ago

I agree... Gears 3 closed the book on Gears. I am not a fan of prequels mostly because...I know the outcome of the major story.

That said...IF they really are going back to the early human wars... the game "could" be something of interest. I would love to see a Gears of War in more of a Battlefield kind of setting. By saying that I mean, vehicles and human on human warfare in some crazy big open maps.

georgeenoob1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Yea, next-gen Gears of War doesn't sound appealing because of the past Gears of War. LOL

Heartnet1613d ago

Completely agree.. Didnt buy Judgement based on the fact that 3 was the end and it shouldve been done and dusted.

All gears games were fantastic buy milking franchises like GoW and Halo etc with prequels etc just ruin it

koolaid2511612d ago

I like judgement if you're a real gears fan you're gonna like them.

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LackTrue4K1613d ago

i hope if this game ever gets made, its dose not stay exclusive. (fan of this franchise)

CGI-Quality1613d ago

If you're a fan of the franchise, why would it matter if it's exclusive or not?

Heartnet1613d ago

75%+ it will be exclusive lol... why would they release it on anything else when no other console has the ones beforehand xD

Boody-Bandit1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )


What didn't you like about Judgement? I just started playing it this week. Been too busy and just now getting around to it. I'm only on the 3rd act / chapter so I can't give my full opinion on it yet.

On topic
I would love to see a Gears next gen but it the story has to make sense. Anyone that has played them all knows that wont be easy but we will see.

If only they could recapture the impact of the original. The original was my favorite. Each iteration since has lost a little luster for me personally. Maybe Epic will go in a different direction completely kind of how Bungie has with Destiny. That would be the ultimate path for them IMO.

HammadTheBeast1613d ago

It's not horrible, but it's not as good as the first 2/maybe 3. A bit like God of War Ascencion, it's more of a filler game until next Gen.

JokesOnYou1613d ago

First time I agree with you Hammad, its not horrible but nothing near the greatness of the original and Gears2 which are my favorites. I expect next gen will raise the bar and have the series back to its usual badassery.

Cmk01211613d ago

One game that dipped in quality and still pushed out over a million units. Not a lot went into making it, gears franchise is fine

HammadTheBeast1613d ago

I agree, just like GoW Ascension, this was a filler game which was good, not great, and leads up to the next Gen.

Dobgamers1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

No, you're wrong... Gears of war judgment was awesome but not as good as gears 3, and it can recover easily.

joefrost001613d ago

If God of War can come back from acension
Its not to big of a stretch for Gears of War

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linkkjm1613d ago

Yay, lets milk it some more...

1lawrence1613d ago

there was only two killzone games this gen compared to 4 gears

M-M1613d ago

Why did you even bring up a Playstation game?

warewolfSS1613d ago

Halo is milked if anything. There were 3 killzone

ado9081613d ago

There have been 2 killzone games for the Ps3 and 4 Gears of war games for the Xbox 360. By your logic 90% of todays games are milked....

Urusernamesucks1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

@cooguy its a sony fanboy website. He knows you guys would understand lol.

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Dobgamers1613d ago

Would you look at this, killzone is milked too... But the only difference is that killzone will never have have ratings or fanbase or sales like gears of war.

Now lets imagine gears of war running in unreal engine 4... Dat would be... Ammm... AWESOME!

GameReviewGuy1613d ago

Yeah I lost interest after Gears of War 3

ginsunuva1613d ago

Too bad MS doesn't care. Gears is their only leg other than Halo.

Prepare for Gears 5-30 in the future

xReDeMpTiOnx1613d ago

We'll its not owned by Microsoft they only had exclusive deals up to gears 3 so it honestly could be multi

thecowsaysmoo1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I agree redemption.

Wow, xbox fanboys disagreeing with me at full force :/


What are you talking about?

Edit: Wow Bruce_Wayne you have to make things up huh.

Bruce_Wayne1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )


No one is asking for Gears man. He was just stating a possibility. So take your Gears of War and shove it right up your poop-shoot pal.

Edit: LOL at thecowsaysmoo.Spin that shit Mr. DJ. That's not even what you said. You said: "KEEP DREAMING PSLAVE." Good try, but not good enough. Some other troll got caught doing that same move of yours.

Edit #2: I'm talking about your original comment before you edited it for the first time smart one. The people who gave you agrees apparently weren't aware of what you said originally.

Edit #3: Yeah, I guess I'm just hallucinating with Scarecrow's gas. /s

Cmk01211613d ago

Killzone better offline gears better online!gears doesn't have the mega following because of its challenging nature is a turn off for fps squirt fighter gamers IE the majority.

HappyWithOneBubble1613d ago

Yeah it could go multi but MS won't let it since they got the rights to publish. The franchise is boring anyway so they can have it.

PraxxtorCruel1613d ago

Alright so GOW: Judgement didn't do as well as everyone was hoping. Still doesn't mean I give up on the series. I'd still be excited for another. What about GOW: Ascension? That game wasn't particularly amazing too but still I'd bet you lot would be happy to hear another God of War announcement.

Skips1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Difference is, people actually liked, even loved Ascension.

Judgement is universally hated by even the most hardcore Gears Of War fans...

For example... = 2.9/5 = 4.2/5

When a game is rated lower than Duke Nukem Forever by fans, = 3/5

... you know it's terrible. lol


I never said that. -__- Where in my comment do you see that?

All I said was comparing the satisfaction between Ascension and Judgement by fans or gamers in general is like night and day.

dark-hollow1613d ago

Oh I see, I didn't play judgement although I played the trilogy. I don't think it is worse than the pile of steaming crap that is duke nukem forever.

ceedubya91613d ago

I didn't find Judgement bad at all. I didn't touch the multiplayer though, so I can't comment on that portion. The single player on the other hand was pretty much standard Gears besides a few changes here and there.

nukeitall1613d ago

It's hard to please fans that are set in their way.

if you look athe iteration of Gears 1 all the way to 3, there are changes mostly minor. Judgment on the other hand was a huge change and as a huge gears fan, judgment made many many good changes.

I have hard time choosing between my favorite of gears 3 or judgment.

the fresh feel was definitely awesome, and gears 3 feel very slo mo now.

D-riders1613d ago

what are you talking about gow is not one of five franchises it one of like 15 so if one game is bad who cares. and the people who make gears arent even there anymore. new franchise needed. also why would you make a xbox one game exactly like xbox 360 new franchise need. bring gears back in five years. like sony did with gow

dark-hollow1613d ago


So one bad game means it's the end of the whole franchise?

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