When Will Sony Pull the Plug on the PS3?

With the recent announcement of Insomniac Games’ new Ratchet & Clank game for the PS3, the Daily Reaction crew of Seb and Dan answer a few questions regarding how much life the console has left and what Sony should do as they usher in the PS4.

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Majin-vegeta1537d ago

If the PS2 is anything to go buy.It won't be for awhile.

Foolsjoker1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

But the PS3 had backwards compatibility for people to play PS2 games, the PS4 doesn't. I wonder if that will slow down development for PS3 titles?

cellur1111537d ago

The only Ps3's that has backwards compatibility were one or two models when they were first released.

Foolsjoker1537d ago

And that did ease the transition for people into the next generation, it wasn't until they relaunched the PS3 that backwards compatibility was taken out.

BitbyDeath1537d ago

Both PS1 and PS2 got pulled roughly a year before the new console got released. So roughly 7 years from now. 2020.

badz1491537d ago

hopefully not too soon. is it just me or the transition to the PS4 feels like "too soon" kinda thing?

before you disagree, hear me out. from PS2 to PS3, A LOT of investment had to be made in order to get the full was like a hard-fought battle with the CELL and then BD vs HD DVD thing and the need for HDTV, surround sound system, building Bluray movies collection, movie streaming became massive on consoles etc. and not to mention the games which are too many to choose from even after putting aside the yearly releases...and here we are, already in 2013 waiting for the next gen!

I mean...with the PS4, we will still be gaming on the same 1080p TV, right? the same home theater too and most of all, all the Bluray movies still works! I know it's not a bad thing but I feel the PS3 is still 'fresh' and the fact that we're getting HUGE games like GoW:A, Bioshock Infinite, TLoU, GTA V, B2S, GT6 etc. this year is not helping to convince me that this gen is over either!

don't get me wrong as I'll definite be onboard next gen but I too, hope that the PS3 will be kept alive longer just like the PS2.

MikeMyers1537d ago

It won't last as long after the PS4 comes out like the PS2 did after the PS3 was released. PS3 sales are still pretty good so I imagine after the end of next year support will dwindle and sales will fall sharply. What will keep the PS3 going are price cuts. It hasn't even reached $199 yet so they have a ways to go.

It also depends on how well the PS4 does. One of the reasons they dropped PS2 backwards compatibility on the PS3 was because PS2 hardware sales were still strong while software sales for the PS3 wasn't.

Bathyj1537d ago

Well if anything that will only prolong the time PS3 is sold, not slow down PS4. You cant hold back the tide.

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dedicatedtogamers1537d ago

I think the last PS2 game is coming out this year: FIFA 2013. The PS1 and PS1 games were sold in stores right up until 2005-2006 iirc.

So, I think the PS3 will last a while.

Starbucks_Fan1537d ago

What was the last PS1 game?

dedicatedtogamers1537d ago

@ Starbucks

Wikipedia says FIFA Football 2005 was the last PS1 game to come out. I remember PS1 games staying on store shelves until the PS3 came out, and then most stores clearanced/liquidated their PS1 stock.

TrendyGamers1537d ago

Fully pulling the plug? Probably not until closer to 2020.

Stop making games for it? Probably by the end of 2014.

Foolsjoker1537d ago

Yeah, I don't think this is about production, but more along the lines of support - first and third party.

GodofPlaystation1537d ago

Sony wants people to own a ps3 just as much as a ps4. If you own a lot of games like myself. I can still see plenty of use out of my ps3 even with a ps4 sitting right next to it. Plus it is still a blue ray player.

ftwrthtx1537d ago

Couple years down the road, probably.

Abash1537d ago

Not for years, sure support will wind down from them when the PS4 launches but the PS3 is still the most relevant PlayStation console until November of this year. And you cant blame them for wanting to make the best use of that time by releasing a lot of software before the install base starts upgrading and moving onto PS4.

Also, the PS3 is going to play a very big role alongside the PS4 in terms of bringing in Sony revenue. They'd be stupid to stop supporting the PS3 given how well it's still selling

doctorstrange1537d ago

Hopefully some of these PS3 games like GTA get brought over

Foolsjoker1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

I would love a next-gen GTA.

minimur121537d ago

I have a feeling Gaikai will stream GTA V - and if so, that'll be a HUGE middle finger to xbox

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