Is the PS4 Digital Library the first true step toward cloud gaming on consoles? "Is the PS4 Digital Library the first true step toward cloud gaming on consoles?"

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badz1491620d ago

what is this author talking about? 1st true step? the 1st step has already begun long ago with remote play! Remote Play is the name and cloud gaming is the thing! but instead of a huge cloud shared by many gamers, your own PS3 is the cloud just for you.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31620d ago

Nope. Cloud gaming...OnLive, things of that nature.

ftwrthtx1620d ago

The life span of the PS4 will probably see a true hybrid of both, with the next gen going more to the cloud than this.

buynit1620d ago

I can see it happening like that.. Makes sense, bring it in slowly, that's where ms fvcked up lol they was like its either this or a 360.. He really meant to say ps4.

pedrof931620d ago

Well microsoft created a fantasy named "Cloud will increase 4 times the power of the Xbox".

Sony tells us right, they don't lie, background downloading during any activity on the console, doesn't seem impossible.

Hufandpuf1620d ago

How do you know either is telling the truth?

pedrof931620d ago (Edited 1620d ago )

Just because. I've been reading blog,articles,and stuff everywhere. It will in fact give more performance here in there. Minor calculations, that doesn't need to be calculated in real time. Like weather effects and lighting.Nothing can even remotely be consired to give more 400%(or is 200% ?) of performance. Nothing that can actually surpassed the Ps4.

warewolfSS1620d ago

Wow. Your talking like.your possessed dude

S2Killinit1620d ago

aren't you the one that was complaining that there were PS fans in xbox forums?

theWB271620d ago

Being as plenty of devs have stated there is a direct benefit from this cloud Micro touts means more to me than any article. If devs as recently as CD Projekt Red state there is a benefit then it means something is there. It will only get better as the gen progresses and devs get more and more familiar and find new ways to exploit it.

nick3091620d ago

Now if digital games will cost less than discs...

hkgamer1620d ago

People need to stop throwing the word cloud around. it's way too generic to actually explain something.

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The story is too old to be commented.