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If You Buy Deus Ex: The Fall, You Might Not Be Allowed to Play

BNR: If you purchase Deus Ex: The Fall and have a jailbroken iPhone or other iDevice, you won't be able to use any weapons- Redditor KipEnyan learned this the hard way. (Deus Ex: The Fall, iPhone)

Dark_Overlord  +   751d ago
This is quite possibly the most stupid thing I've read all week, yes if users have downloaded the game via less legitimate means then by all means carry on, but to BLOCK PAYING CUSTOMERS is beyond stupid. Jailbreaking an iphone is perfectly legal, just because the clowns who implemented this don't think so doesn't matter, the law states it is so screw you.

IMO this is going to push people towards pirating the game, if they can't play it legally regardless, then their only option is to pirate (And I'm sure someone will 'fix' this).
Jourdy288  +   751d ago
My thoughts exactly!
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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   751d ago
And that's why I get a cracked version. Hackers will always find loop holes
LordMe  +   751d ago

Almost everyone I knew uses a jailbroken iWhatever this is going to stop a very large chunk of sales.
Godmars290  +   751d ago
Better allow for refunds then.

Though this is Square. And they need the money.
Skate-AK  +   751d ago
They are trying to do what that Game Dev Tycoon developer did. The way he combated piracy was smart and made me laugh. SE did it in the wrong way though. I know a lot of people that have Jailbroken phones but still buy paid apps. They just don't like Apples UI so they tweak it themselves.
mydyingparadiselost  +   751d ago
This is a fail.
xBigxBossx  +   751d ago
What are the pros to jail breaking your iPhone? I have one but I'm out of the loop on this.
ziggurcat  +   751d ago
there are no pros, but people seem to think there are...
matrixman92  +   751d ago
I personally like to customize my springboard, and make my own app emblems. I made a fallout one on my own, and its pretty badass if I do say so myself. You can also get things that are user created without going through apples BS. While it might be small, I was able to get a power saver that turns off all features not needed at the time. It is better than a lot of the ones you can find on the app store, and free. Then of course piracy is a pro to some people, but not in this case apparently.
360nolife  +   751d ago
Another reason why I think this game is a complete flop.
EPiCDiNGO  +   751d ago
A portion of people who drive cars do so to use them as a getaway vehicle for a crime - therefore should we ban driving?
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