Steam Summer Sale: Day one recommendations

onPause writes:

Here at onPause, we love the Steam summer sale. Since we are not fans of the summer heat, it is a great way to grab a few games for little money, and spend the hot afternoons in the cool AC. The sale will last until July 22, and every day we will tell you which are our favorite games in the Daily Deals, along with one Under $10 and Under $5 game.

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bohangirl841774d ago

I'm impressed by what I have seen in the sale so far and am looking forward to playing Blood Money and Antichamber.

mcroddi1774d ago

And this is only day 1!!!!

brandonw001774d ago

Hotline Miami is where it is at.

SlapHappyJesus1774d ago

Just a heads up.
While Infinite is 50% off on steam at the moment, they are having the same deal at Greenman, as well as also offering another 20% off of that with their current coupon.
You can get the game there for $24, which is a very good deal.
Did just that, and I also grabbed Defiance after really enjoying it when it was on the free weekend over a month ago.

mcroddi1774d ago

TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY. Good list btw :)

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