I Love Remember Me Because I Hate It

CCC says: "I hate most of the cast of Remember Me. I think almost every character is a terrible human being and that the "heroes" are just as bad as the villains. I'm not even going to get into how I managed to beat the whole game just by relying on the square, square, square combo attack. Yet, despite the cast being very bad men and women, I've found that I love Remember Me because of it."

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ziggurcat1781d ago

"I'm not even going to get into how I managed to beat the whole game just by relying on the square, square, square combo attack."

he must've played it on easy...

ScytheX31781d ago

yeah lol, guys a straight fool

InTheLab1781d ago

There's something to be said for using the longest combo for cooldowns and and a few power hits at the end.

I don't love this game, but I do appreciate it. It's only problem is that it's not a $60 game. They should have went the Deadpool route and made it cheaper.

ziggurcat1781d ago

how is it not a $60 game?

InTheLab1781d ago

zero replay value, only 4 memory remixes, and 2 modes of gameplay. On the railz platforming and repetitive combat scenarios.

The game should not cost $60.

ziggurcat1780d ago

well, i played through the game twice - the first time just normally, and the second was clean up for the trophies i missed (collectibles, boss fight parameters, things i missed during the memory remixes, etc...). it's also a single player game, so there's not difference in replay value from other $60 single player games. bioshock infinite is also single player only, and has little in terms of replay value... so was that game not worth $60, either?

i'm not sure what you mean by only 2 modes of gameplay, and the platforming is no different than uncharted, GOW or the new tomb raider, so complaining about it is just nitpicking - same with the combat scenarios.

InTheLab1780d ago

It's funny you mentioned Bioshock Infinite because it was also pointless to play it again unless you're looking for trophies. The difference between the two, in my opinion, is it's length, story, and quality of the game.

So it's clear you enjoyed the game and that's great, but to call my opinion of the game, nitpicking, is ridiculous. Did all reviewers nitpick the game?

The combat runs dry after the first boss. It's essentially the same set of people on repeat. It's very hollow.

The platforming is as simple as it gets and is nothing like Uncharted. It's more like Enslaved, where there is no chance to fail and it one ups Enslaved by adding an insulting arrow to tell you where on the rails you should be going next.

It's by no means a bad game. It just needs a little more substance and shame on Capcom for throwing a fairly decent title out there to die due to greed.

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