Driveclub 'transcends' the concept of arcade or simulation, says community manager

Driveclub isn’t an arcade or simulation racer. Then what is it?

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6DEAD6END61292d ago

I really hope this game lives up to the hype and also delivers superb graphics too because so far from what I've seen the graphic are ok but not mind blowing.

MysticStrummer1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

A sim racer will model as many aspects of reality as possible.

An arcade racer aims for fun factor without the constraints of reality.

A hybrid racer will mix the above.

Each type has it's pluses and minuses.

Drive Club looks like an arcade racer to me, but I obviously haven't played it.

Looking forward to trying out the PS+ version.


PSN_ZeroOnyx1292d ago

Looks really good and has me exited the way motor storm did pre launch

S2Killinit1291d ago

I would be playing the free version to see if I would buy the whole game. In the meantime I would enjoy some Indie games until Destiny and Infamous arrive.