Rumor: GTA 5 Vehicle Physics Will Vary From Car To Car, Will Depend On Custom Parts

"If you are a Grand Theft Auto 5 fan, here is a small bit of information that you may be interested in. Vehicles have always been a big part of the Grand Theft Auto series and it will be no different in the latest iteration."

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isarai1744d ago

How is this a rumor? it's common sense!

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1744d ago

It's a rumor because this is nothing but GTA4.5 and in GTA4 every vehicle handled like it was driving on ice.

Nafon1744d ago

Well I thought having a stiffer suspension, bigger brakes and better brake pad compounds (that don't affect the appearance of the car in any way) wouldn't affect the handling of the car! - author.

FanboyCrusher1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

Honestly that's asking a lot of the PS3/360. With all that game is doing already this would just be a RAM hog running in unison.

If the custom parts just broke off from crashes in a different way that wouldn't make much difference, but we'll see.

3-4-51744d ago

How is it asking alot ? Every Forza game does that x10 this gen.

FanboyCrusher1744d ago

It also isn't running one of the biggest open worlds, with a ton of other stuff going on around it. Delusional kids thinking this is going to run like butter, don't say I didn't warn you.

ZBlacktt1744d ago

I hope so, man I couldn't drive the cars for crap in GTA IV, lol.

isarai1744d ago

i loved the car physics in GTA IV, it was something really satisfying once you master it, jack knifing a sports car then shooting cops while going in reverse is something jizzworthy to pull off. I like things that i can master, especially when they have quite the learning curve, makes things far more satisfying, maybe i'm in the minority though

CarnageXB1744d ago

Many might disagree with me but I liked the way the cars handled in GTA4. I can do some cool stuff in them.

YodaCracker1744d ago

I agree. The car handling in GTA IV was very dynamic and engaging. Rockstar clearly put a lot of effort into perfecting it. Driving feels like an afterthought in other open world games like Saints Row or Sleeping Dogs with their poor handling models and lack of suspension or any sense of realism and weight to the cars.

LAWSON721744d ago

I thought driving was very fun in Sleeping Dogs it felt like a arcade racer, very well done IMO

Skate-AK1744d ago

GTA4 handling was bad. Now Sleeping Dogs has some of the best handling in an open world game. IMO anyways.