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Submitted by john2 947d ago | video

Gran Turismo 6 vs Project CARS - Sunset Lap Comparison

DSOGaming writes: "And it's time everyone to compare two of the most highly anticipated racing games, GT6 and Project CARS." (Gran Turismo 6, PC, Project CARS, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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Grindlefly  +   947d ago

I thought project cars looked better, a bit more detail in the scenery, better sun effects, a bit sharper, but I was also expecting to be blown away by project cars and that's not the case from this.

Video wasn't great quality though, but I didn't think there was too much in it imo
john2  +   947d ago
well, keep in mind that pCars is in alpha stage right now. While GT6 is planned for a 2013 release, pCars is scheduled for mid-2014 release
Grindlefly  +   947d ago
Yes that's a very fair point. Hadn't thought about that
ABizzel1  +   947d ago
This is also PS3 (2006) vs PC tech (2012 - 2013), so it's not a "fair" comparison no matter how you spin it.

GT6 PS4 version vs. pCars would be a better comparison, but even then it's a PS3 game upscaled, so maybe Forza 5 vs. pCars, or pCars Wii U vs. GT6 PS3.
Grindlefly  +   947d ago

Yea to a point i do agree about fair comparison. It would of been interesting to see what they could do on a pc with comparable specs to ps3 in terms of ram etc, although on the other hand they are also both upcoming releases so one could argue that a comparison is fair game.

I have always loved the GT series, and like I said, there doesn't seem much in it at the moment which is testament to how good gt6 does look.

Wonder what pc specs you will need to max this out on pc though??
LAWSON72  +   947d ago
If you expect to be blown away by a game dont watch a youtube video.
Jagsrock  +   947d ago
Project cars definitely looks better.
imt558  +   947d ago
Yes, it looks better, but it has a lot of pop-ups.
M-M  +   947d ago
Project Cars has a better lighting system than GT6, you can tell. Doesn't mean that GT6 doesn't look great though, because it does.
WarThunder  +   944d ago
Are u s***d? GT6 was in sunset while Project Cars was Sunny.
The_KELRaTH  +   947d ago
Project cars does look better in terms of background details, lighting, view angle etc but it also looks like comparing PC graphics v PS3
piroh  +   947d ago
hell can´t wait for GT6
captain_slow82  +   947d ago
ps3 still holding up towards pc bloody hell lol

pc owners have to admit ps3 is one hell of a console yes project cars looks better but still gt6 looks bloody good for the age of the hardware
nirwanda  +   947d ago
It would have been more interesting to see the wii U version of project cars vs GT.
windblowsagain  +   947d ago
I don't think PG has better lighting.

I think both are dynamic and look good.

They are at different times in those video's.

Both look good.
herbs  +   947d ago
Why isn't this video HD?
GABRIEL1030  +   947d ago
In my opinion GT6 looks much better, more colorfull, better animated, has a great illumination and the most impresive of the game is the fact that GT 6 runs in a old machine.
LAWSON72  +   947d ago
It would look good as long as you are on a smaller tv if you play it on a 40+ in tv it will be jaggie and undetailed.
GABRIEL1030  +   946d ago
I have a 47 HD TV.
starfox79  +   944d ago
Ur blind considering they got the worse quality project cars footage ive seen to date yet PC still looks magnitudes better.
GABRIEL1030  +   943d ago
What part of the words "in MY OPINION" you don't understand?

GT 6 for me, looks much better, In the demo you can see a great illumination effects, nice graphics and amazing improvements like the suspension and the grip. But these improvements are only appreciable in the demo at 1080, I tried GT 6 Demo in a 47 HD TV and looks great. Silverstone can be playable in different hours, since the morning until the amazing sunset.

Project cars, is running in high performance PC, but in MY OPINION, I saw better graphics and physics in Grid 2.

If you watch in detail, in this Project cars gameplay you'll realize that the cars haven't the suspension, when the car takes the chicane the car doesnt have any reaction.

It's a personal apreciation.
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