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Thomas Was Alone Sold More Through PlayStation Plus Than any Other Platform

Mike Bithell of Thomas Was Alone fame has already been pretty busy on Twitter with Shuhei Yoshida this week, but in real life, he was able to talk about how PlayStation Plus positively influenced his “rectangle game.” - PSLS (Mike Bithell, PC, PS Vita, PS3, Thomas was alone)

TrendyGamers  +   285d ago
Good indie platformer!
Venox2008  +   285d ago
it sure is, i m enjoying it at the moment
joe90  +   284d ago
isn't this like saying Wii sports is the highest selling game because it comes free with the console?
lodossrage  +   283d ago
No it's not like saying that because unlike Wii Sports, Thomas was Alone WASN'T given away free.

It had a discount on PS Plus. It wasn't free. Big difference
MooseWI  +   285d ago
Personally I got it for $1 through Humble Bundle ^_^
ElementX  +   285d ago
Humble Bundle is good and all that however too many people pay the minimum.
GentlemenRUs  +   284d ago
I always pay the average :D
ps3_pwns  +   284d ago
yep you guys don't give any money to the devs that's why ps3 and 4 are the indie platforms that actually allow indies to make some cash instead of chump change. and guess what console gamers actually play the games and enjoy/ talk about them to make these indie devs even happier. while pc gamers buy the game for 1 dollar and don't even play them at all so no one else knows about the game.

console master race for the win.

more sales on consoles that's why consoles are superior. less sales on pc and less people to play with on pc because of the less sales. also playstation gamers don't steal gams like people do on pc pirateing. ps4 next gen cosole we all need to support.
Seafort  +   284d ago
No Sony just give them away to you on PS+ for free.

When Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII came to steam the devs made more money in 24 hrs than they did all year on XBox.

The indie bundles also make a lot of profit for the devs or it would have stopped a long time ago.

Xbox and PS3 have been cracked and you can play pirated games on both of them.

How about you stop lumping all the consoles together vs PC as they are all a seperate platform.
3 (consoles) vs 1 (PC) when you are comparing sales of each game is hardly fair.

I own a PS3 as well so don't think I'm just a PC gamer either.
ElementX  +   285d ago
I just bought it about an hour ago on Steam for $2.49
fermcr  +   285d ago
Wasn't Thomas Was Alone offered for free through PlayStation Plus ?
blackberty  +   285d ago
I got it free with PS+, but didn't enjoy it.

But that's the thing, if it was offered for FREE with PS+, of course it will 'sell' more on Playstation Plus
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Pixel_Enemy  +   285d ago
I am a plus subscriber and missed the free deal so I spent $9 on it yesterday with no regrets. It is worth the $.
JackVagina  +   284d ago
I wonder how much they get from Sony
ps3_pwns  +   284d ago
more then from the pc inferior race who is proud to pay devs a dollar for a game and not even play them like some kind of elitest prick
Seafort  +   284d ago
Do you play all your games every day or just Call of Duty with your "bros"? :P

There's a lot more indie devs creating games on PC than both consoles combined.

They also make a substantial profit as well.
$20bil revenue for PC market is not something you turn your nose up at and it's estimated that it will surpass the console market by 2015.

I'm not an "elitist prick" either. I'm just a gamer.
nix  +   284d ago
i also picked it up via plus. fun little game.
Dead_Cell  +   284d ago
Thomas Was Alone? Sounds like quite a few pervs thought they were getting more than they got when buying this game.

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