Pro-DRM Xbox One Petition Is Most Active On Change.Org

The gamers looking for Microsoft to rollback their rollback have gathered at the popular petition site.

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crunchychocobo1775d ago

Oh gamers. You crack me up.

Sev1775d ago

Yeah, I don't get it either. The gaming public flip-flops more than Microsoft does.

wishingW3L1775d ago

because gamers are not a single entity. We all are from different countries, with different cultures and with extremely different ways of thinking.

Kingthrash3601775d ago

im beginning to think it ms employees thats doing tge partitioning....and maybe a few xbots.....I just can believe it would be actual gamers that want this.....I smell conspiracy.

Anthotis1775d ago

...extremely retarded ways of thinking(@xbox fansboys).

malokevi1775d ago

If you take a look, its clear that 80% of respondents are Sony Attack Force trolls.

This is #1 because a bunch of kids are bored on summer vaca. Write-off.

Too bad, because I actually genuinely signed it and gave my opinion, before I realized that I was being drowned out by a bunch of trolls who don't know when to quit.

nukeitall1775d ago

I support it so maybe I should sign it.

That's it, I'm signing it!

I hope this gains steam so we can introduce next generation gaming instead of relying on old fashion stone age physical discs.

BDSE1775d ago

70 million XBOX 360's sold, 12,000 sign a petition. You do the math.

solidjun51775d ago

"I support it so maybe I should sign it.

That's it, I'm signing it!"

You're probably the one who started it.

thechosenone1775d ago

I just signed it. LOL Lets get that DRM back on the Xbox. xD

omi25p1775d ago

I was all for DRM, but i knew the industry wasn't ready for it.

There are still to many people without internet for it to be worth it.

CoolBeansRus1774d ago

Do they have a anti-drm petition? Because im pretty sure that would have a lot more than 17k signatures .

SilentNegotiator1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

It's mostly hilarious trolls, going by the top comments.

It's Microsoft's fault for taking out the sharing capabilities, not gamers. Gamers just wanted the 24 hour checks gone.

1774d ago
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AngelicIceDiamond1775d ago

Sounds like a handful of MS fanboys are trying to screw the rest of us gamers.

dark-hollow1775d ago

How do we know they are genuine Xbox fans and not random trolls seeing as how any anonymous person can sign?

Going after what raging fanboys did from death threats to developers who supported other consoles, all the way to negative reviews on metacritic.

I won't be surprised, hardcore fanboys are just pathetic like that.

MWH1775d ago

rumor has it that these are MS themselves.

n4rc1775d ago

Yea.. were out to screw "you" gamers..

Do you have any plans on buying one anyways? Doubt it.. So why would your opinion matter to anyone at ms?

I want those features back to.. And I did sign it.. Everyone seems to have this entitled opinion that what they think is right and those who disagree are wrong..

dedicatedtogamers1775d ago

Just before Xbox One launches, Microsoft announces:

"We've heard the voice of our fans, the true gamers out there, and we've decided to put the 24-hour connection back in! Horray!"

dbjj120881775d ago

"Now everyone go pick up your preorders!"

Rusty5151775d ago

No. The month AFTER it launches when everyone has one lol

dark-hollow1775d ago

Lol do they really think that will change anything? Do they thought that ms reversed the DRM in first place because they "listened" to us?

The only reason the reverse it was mainly due to the low preorders after the announcement. Our complains only confirmed it to Microsoft that we are pissed.

HammadTheBeast1775d ago

It's actually kind of depressing that this is the most active thing on

3-4-51775d ago

How do we know it's not just Microsoft paying people to do this.

Then, 2 years from now they use it as "evidence" to justify them bringing it back and say" well you wanted it back".

There is more to this people....keep thinking

Mounce1775d ago

I signed it for 'lols'.

I doubt I'd get an Xbox One, so even if this effectively went anywhere? It'd not affect me.

Urusernamesucks1775d ago

This proves the Pettition is being mostly signed by ps trolls

Mounce1775d ago

Would you honestly think that legitimate people would ACTUALLY sign something that idiotic?

Let alone, no one here can truly say whether or not the creator of this petition itself is a troll.

Cmon. I'm just going with the flow of what's funny, doesn't hurt anyone. No one needs to become stiff and rustled because of something so redundant because this is going nowhere and will be forgotten in no time.

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dbjj120881775d ago

Obviously some people saw the always-online stuff as a benefit, some as a bad thing.... and is caught in the middle.

ShugaCane1775d ago

"This was to be the future of entertainment. A new wave of gaming where you could buy games digitally, then trade, share or sell those digital licenses."


wishingW3L1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

and then he says "consumers were uninformed". Wow, talking about delusions....

madpuppy1775d ago

This petition is delusional, Did they ACTUALLY BELIEVE that you were going to be able to freely sell trade and share your games like you do now but digitally?!?!

MS was trying to open up a world that never saw a drop in the price of a game and MS authorized buyers of your digital licences would never have given you any more than you get now from gamestop. and they would NEVER allow you to sell or give your game away to a friend, he woud have to pay full price to be able to play it. didn't anybody read how this was going to go down?? when MS finally started telling us how this was going to work, it was even worse than anyone imagined!

There is no one in their right mind signing a petition for this horror show of consumer unfriendly policies unless you are stupid, a paid astroturfer or a MS employee.

HammadTheBeast1775d ago

These idiots actually thought that with the family plan you could just give away 9 copies of your game to other people.

madpuppy1775d ago


Kudos to you comprehension skills!

I agree with you, there are people out there that only hear what they want to hear and just get upset later when they found out the they were wrong and are stuck with a product with draconian restrictions that costs them an arm and leg to own.

Dlacy13g1775d ago

Lord... well if anything good can come from this lets hope it revolves around online sharing and digital games. No way will MS do another 180 on the disc based DRM.

AngelicIceDiamond1775d ago

I agree, these people are just wasting there time. If MS listens and somehow implements the restrictions. I'll know who to blame, gamers.

madpuppy1775d ago


that's what gamers want, restrictions! that is even better than gameplay!! or graphics!!