PS4 prices skyrocket on eBay following sellouts, PS4 selling for over $800

PS4's are selling for a high price on eBay following sellout at Amazon and GameStop.

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iamnsuperman1052d ago

I do feel to many people have more money than sense. Okay it may be a must have item to these people but paying $800 is just ridiculous. Wait a month or two

I do hope the bidders are just the people selling the item to peak interest because they I have lost faith in people. I also hope some of the people bought multiple PS4 and the PS4 does not sell out so they then have to sell these items at normal prices

ShugaCane1052d ago

"but these more outrageous listings don’t have any bids."

Hopefully there's a limit to dumbness.

Anthotis1052d ago

It's because all the Xbox fanboys have suddenly seen sense and want their mommy's and daddy's to buy them a PS4.

That, is why such a great strain has been put on Sony to sell more.

kneon1052d ago

I wish there was a limit. According to Einstein

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the universe."

xHeavYx1052d ago

Sadly, you are right when you say people have more money than sense. I've read of people spending over $1,000 on Facebook games and makes me want to bitch slap them.
I'd rather wait a few months and use the extra $400 for the awesome games coming out

nevin11052d ago

You can't judge people view on value.

jmac531052d ago

It's the old saying, a fool is easily parted from his money.

Reverent1052d ago

@nevin, hell yes you can. $1000 dollars on a Facebook game? Yeah, that person doesn't deserve to spend money.

famoussasjohn1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

Now I'm debating on just turning around and selling my PS4 immediately, and buying one and stocking up on games with my profits. If they're willing to spend that much, then it's time to take advantage of the idiots.

CalvinKlein1052d ago

I dont get why someone would be able to buy it now for 800$ but couldn't go reserve it before they sold out. Clearly money is not an issue for these people, I guess they were just too dumb to go reserve it before and pay what it is actually worth.

It seems people with money to burn like that are used to paying too much for things or just throwing money at people till they get there way.

wsoutlaw871052d ago

worst part is, if they just went to walmart its 400 for release day shipping.

madpuppy1051d ago

I may be crazy but, I could never stick it to someone like this.

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iistuii1052d ago

Hope it continues, I'll stick mine on if idiots wanna pay that.

HammadTheBeast1052d ago

I'll sell mine for $600, wait a few weeks then buy it for $400 with a bunch of games lol.


shit i got a bridge for sale...

onyoursistersback1052d ago

Nice to know your moving out, and will get new roof over your head there, "buddy"


You and the five idiots who agreed with you need to get off n4g and pick up a book. Obviously what I said went right over your heads. Guess I should keep it simple.

Parapraxis1052d ago

I don't think you understand the meaning of that saying.


Don't bother explaining to these idiots. They obviously never set foot in a class room

FamilyGuy1052d ago

You really thought internet junkies were going to get this reference before assuming it was about trolling?

Come on man

Reverent1052d ago

His reaction to the criticism however, was very immature. There are definitely better ways about explaining the joke.

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Roper3161052d ago

I have 2 preordered but they're MINE ALL MINE MUHAHAHAHA

cyclindk1052d ago

Hock those suckers, make yourself some dough

Roper3161052d ago

Already have plenty of dough but I don't have a PS4. So if I keep the PS4 I will then have both. I am not the type where I feel it is never enough money, there is only 1 thing in life you can never have enough of and that involves the fairer sex not money or a gaming console.