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Ride to Hell Retribution video review - CramG

A look at Ride to Hell Retribution which offers biker like gameplay on a road to hell. (PC, PS3, Ride to Hell: Retribution, Xbox 360) 4/10

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M-M  +   750d ago
That score is too high.
dennett316  +   750d ago
4/10? So just below average? Pffft, what rubbish, this game is an absolute stinker. Riddled with bugs (sound cutting out, graphical glitches aplenty) terrible gameplay, awful physics and AI, voice acting that makes Resident Evil 1 look like The Last Of Us....and released at an insulting price point at retail rather than as a budget priced PSN/Live Arcade download.
The game is an insult to gaming and gamers everywhere.

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