Nintendo Making Good On Promises

Nintendo Firmware Update Details

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Pisque1709d ago

Lol what promises? Another Mario game or may be a Zelda to make change?

ShugaCane1709d ago

Miyamoto said he was working on a new IP. And I think everyone is eager to see how the new Zelda game looks like.

TekoIie1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

That tech demo they had a while back with the spider has me really excited! :D

Just hope they make something that looks just as good and can delivers :)

Dgander1709d ago

@Pekolie Historically every Zelda game has looked significantly better than the tech demo they used to tease at E3. All of them are on youtube look them up and see for yourself.

Shnazzyone1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

the promises Iwata made during nintendo direct regarding the wii U updates. Which is what this article is about. They promised updates in spring with another one in the summer. We just had the summer one so that's what the article is about.

Dgander1709d ago

Thats not the only summer update. Even in the details about that update it says theres another major update planned for end of September.

Pisque1709d ago

Or maybe another failed console launch just like the Gamecube

exfatal1709d ago

Sigh.. its people like you who make n4g look so bad. hurry and use up all your bubbles so you can stop spewing your trolling garbage

Whymii1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

I no longer comment, I just bubble them down and urge everyone to do the same. Don't feed their trolling with responses, just give them nothing but the sound of their bubbles popping.

They don't get why they lose bubbles or for some sad reason think it's cool, but everyone knows they're sad little tossers.

Nevers0ft1709d ago

The number of bubbles is directly proportional to their IQ ;)

1709d ago
JohnS13131709d ago

That will make the Wii U as powerful as the PS4. Not.

NightStalker331709d ago

Whoo, updates. Spent 20 mins waiting for the thing to finish so I could play brawl. Please Nintendo, show off the new games before people like me regret buying this day 1.

deafdani1709d ago

The Wii U has background downloads, even for OS updates, so I have a hard time believing you have a Wii U.

NightStalker331709d ago

I'm pretty sure that I can't background download firmware updates, only game updates. If I'm wrong, then even I'm surprised. Unfortunately, I don't know much about what the Wii U can do because I don't use it that much. I bought it in hopes of the next Smash and Zelda, and after all this waiting, it wont be until 2014 and 2015. Just disappointing a bit with Nintendo's launch, no need to downvote as if I'm a fanboy.

deafdani1709d ago

Yes, the Wii U has been able to do background downloads of all updates, including firmware updates, for a while now. This ability was patched in on its second big update, I think, which was some months ago.

Was this the first software update you did for your Wii U? If it was, maybe that's why you couldn't do it on the background, because it wasn't put in yet. Now it should be able to.


Oh, and I didn't downvote you, actually.

NightStalker331709d ago

I updated every time a new update came out, but it only shows the download bar, and a button that says either "Later" or "Not Now". Is it like the 3ds were if I press the button, it will download automatically when powered off?

Whymii1709d ago

Have a look in your download preferences to ensure you've allowed it to download when asleep. I haven't needed to so a manual update since the big update.

Tiqila1709d ago

i want to buy a wii u, give me those games shown at e3 and im in.

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