Steam "Summer Getaway Sale" is now on, here are today's deals

Steam "Summer Getaway Sale" is now on, here are today's deals

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matgrowcott1023d ago

Reports aren't working for some reason, but this is a duplicate post:

matgrowcott1023d ago

The only difference is that this one has pictures of deals, while the other has a text list.

CustardTrout1023d ago

And that this has all of them...

uncharted561023d ago

Can someone please tell me if they have different deals everyday on games or how does it work?

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1023d ago

Tons of games are on sale regardless if they're on the main page or not. It's better to wait for daily deals (happens daily) or flash deals (happens every 8 hours) for the best price/discount.

awi59511023d ago

Bioshock is cheaper on greenmangaming got it for 24 dollars there

Boody-Bandit1023d ago

Time to break out my wallet.
This sale is going to dip into my next generation savings but oh well. Too many great games to pass up at these prices.

MackTheGun1023d ago

Yeah, you can try to fight it, but ultimately we all end up emptying our wallets haha.