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STFUandPLAY's Brett Murdock writes:

"It’s no secret that Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us was built as a single player experience from the ground up. It looks like a single player game. It feels like a single player game. Hell, it even tastes like a single player game (om-nom) and in that sense it shines.

But has Naughty Dog brought this same greatness to the multiplayer aspect? Or is this just another tacked-on multiplayer to widen revenue streams and please publishers? I’ve had a bit of time with the game now and I’m here to tell you."

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xHeavYx1747d ago

The MP is amazing, sometimes, after a tense situation, I have to remind myself to breath

PLAYER50951747d ago

hahaha same here! its so frikin intense when ur against two other people.

PR_FROM_OHIO1747d ago

EPIC!!! Can't believe how much fun i'm have playing it! Well balanced, great maps and oh it actually takes skill to get kills and wins!!! People need to give this game a try its unlike anything out there right now can't wait for some DLC!!!

1747d ago
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