How to Score the Best Gaming Deals During Steam Sales

Oh, the glorious Steam sale. It pops up a few times a year to empty the wallets of anyone who plays PC games. It’s gotten so popular that competing digital services like Amazon and Gamefly run similar sales during the same time period in order to pull sales away from Steam. Interestingly, Steam has added support for Steam Trading Cards and badges this year.

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webeblazing1614d ago


JsonHenry1614d ago

I've already bought Bioshock:Infinite and Hotline Miami.

iamgoatman1614d ago

Hope you got BS:I from GMG, as it's way cheaper there.

Also Hotline Miami is probably the best deal there if you missed the Humble Bundle a few months back.

JsonHenry1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

^^I wish I had known that. :(

EDIT: GMG had it for the same price as Steam.

WeedyOne1614d ago


Just checked and both sites have BS:I for 29.99

iamgoatman1614d ago

Well it was £12 with a code, sale seems to have expired though. Must have just missed it. It's still worth it for the steam price anyway.

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AwfullyGood1614d ago

Thinking about pulling the trigger on Gunslinger. $10 seems decent for a 5 to 6 hour campaign.

JsonHenry1614d ago

I bought it full price and never looked back. great game for the money.

Mikeyy1614d ago

I think Endless Space might pull me in!

LAWSON721614d ago

I got Hotline Miami. I am trting to only go for 75%+ deals only

catch1614d ago

I picked up Dark Souls for $7.50. Already had it for ps3 but it was worth it for the extra content alone!