The impressive AR of Invizimals: The Alliance

Daniel Sánchez-Crespo from Novarama shows off augmented reality without markers with PS Vita.

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jujubee881560d ago

But this has gotta be 1 of my most anticipated VITA games ever.

Just putting that out there. ;-)

GdaTyler1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Why would it sound weird? It's fine if you like it, sounds like an interesting game.

xxPillsxx1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

Dude they make the game *tries* to detects the 3D space from the camera to make the character's movement more realistic, that's soooooo cool!

badz1491559d ago

impressive! never played invizimals before but this is something I'm interested to check out

XisThatKid1559d ago

Interested! I always thought that this was the great concept and wished that it became a more popular idea. Along with the power and potential of PSV can't wait.

dragonyght1559d ago

It is popular in EU its only haven't caught on yet in the states. It might be different this time around since every vita have camera no more hassle. And its getting its own cartoon series. I wish Sony put more backing behind this games

XisThatKid1559d ago

Yea I had to import a camera from EU a few years back to enjoy some of the benefits of having a camera on my console. I too agree that the invisimals should be more supported at least by SCEE if not here in US as well

Williamson1559d ago

Looks very impressive, also the black vita looks so sexy. I got the white one for not wanting finger prints/scratches to be really visible.

r211559d ago

Very impressive. No cards needed and the vita analyses the background very smoothly. Im finally going to get into this series.

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