A Tale of Two E3s - Xbox vs Sony vs Sega

"Ken Kutaragi saw what we had and said lets jointly market a single games console – The Sega/Sony hardware system."

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NewMonday1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I was big SEGA fanboy, if they used the N64 chip with a CD they could have dominated, but it was that Japanese arrogance that proved their downfall(same thing we see now from Iwata and co..).

If Sony didn't trust their western influence in the form of american savvy Kaz and the big talent pool in the 1st party studios they would have been out of the games business.

“We knew that Sega’s heart and soul wasn't behind Saturn. It was very much a gap product that they were trying to use to spoil the introduction of Sony..."

I feel MS and Nintendo are doing this with the XB1 and WiiU, they cant just cancel everything so they will ride things out for 3-4 years and start another generation early. they will not let Sony keep a big lead all themselves.

DrRobotnik1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Ever notice that sega tried to get revenge against Sony after losing twice with the Saturn, then the Dreamcast against the ps2. They help Microsoft with the xbox 1. About a majority of their launch games were sega games. The only system with sega games at that time. Also the later S-controller was nothing more than the Dreamcast controller redesigned.

NewMonday1742d ago

that is because of Peter Moore, he is the one that convinced SEGA to go out of the hardware business just as the original Xbox was getting introduced, he then later conveniently became head of Xbox.. and when EA Riccitiello resigned and Moore took over BF and Sports games switched marketing from Sony to Xbox(I was expecting this as soon as I knew he was in charge) and TitanFall became a timed-exclusive for XB1.

Rhaigun1742d ago

Great read. Love reading about the history of the medium. Especially from two vets who are so candid.

XisThatKid1742d ago

I loved (still do) Sega. They gave me most of my youths gaming memories. I had to own a hedgehog when I was young and named him Sonic of course. I loved living throught the nineties, it was the real fanboy wars back then. when no one knew stats or technical terms and jut judged off games and having fun. Theres so much politics in gaming consumers these days. I don't mind of course but I enjoyed my Genesis and earlier gamer years.