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Submitted by MariaHelFutura 940d ago | opinion piece

Which Game System Will Win The Console Wars?

Although there are three next-generation game consoles, one of which has already been released, the battle is really between Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT) Xbox One and Sony's (NYSE: SNE) Playstation 4. Nintendo launched the Wii U, the successor to the original Wii, last year, but sales have been disappointing. While the Wii U is less expensive than both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4, the console is also not nearly as powerful. (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

mewhy32  +   940d ago
Well there's little doubt that PS4 will win. But competition is good for the entire industry.
Zuperman  +   939d ago
Honestly I'm just gonna go back to my roots during the PSX and PS2 days and won't give a damn about who wins this console war..

I'm just gonna play my PS4 games, enjoy them, than move on to the next.
SirKilla  +   939d ago
what war. I listen to the news and I am not familar with this war.

so is there a war between... subways and mcdonald or left handed sissors and right handed sissors or Iphones and smart phones.

Drama Queens! give it a rest.
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SpinalRemains138  +   939d ago
Yes there is a war.

Stop trying to seem insightful, or beyond the war.

Cola wars exist, fast food wars exist, and console wars exist.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   939d ago
3DS will sell the most overall, except for maybe the PS4 in the long run.

In terms of console sales, my guess is going to be PS4. It's the safe bet. PS4 has all of the positive momentum, and Sony has already won two generations sales-wise, not to mention they made the two highest-selling game consoles of all time.

The underdog is the Wii-U. I'm uncertain if Nintendo could pull a win out since the odds are stacked against them, but who knows? The SNES managed to beat the Genesis even though the Genesis had an 18-month headstart.

Microsoft? I don't think they're even fighting the "console wars" anymore. They're aiming to tackle Google and Apple, and if a few games just so happen to come out on their all-in-one box? So be it.
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Crazyglues  +   939d ago
Shhh...! Don't tell Nintendo and the XboxOne guys but the war is already over...


||.........___||............ ||
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edonus   939d ago | Spam
arika  +   939d ago
PS4 for me. More focused, gamer friendly and stronger system specs.
conklin10   939d ago | Spam
EliteGameKnight  +   939d ago
my apologies if this seems rude but, weren't people saying that the PS3 would win the 7th generation before it encountered a major block in sales for a little while? Many said the same with the Wii U. I feel it may seem a bit too early to mark a console as a winner just yet. lets give it some time after ALL the consoles are released.
Belking  +   939d ago
My guess is that xbox-one will be the winner.
NatureOfLogic  +   939d ago
Well no one can say that your guess is wrong. My guess is, PS4 will easily win and wipe the floor with competition, but again no one can say I'm wrong either. I just don't see any reason to get Xbox One over PS4 if you can only have one console next gen. Plus, I've seen firsthand what MS is really trying to accomplish. I won't blindly support a future I don't agree with.
FlunkinMonkey  +   939d ago
No way Belking! They don't call you Mr Unpredictable for nothing...
Belking  +   939d ago
I predict that you will be molded to a gorilla by
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thomasmiller  +   939d ago
I think the wii u will win, it has a one year start over the others and MARIO, ZELDA, SMASH BROS. DK, MARIO KART, MON0OLITH X, too many big frachises, and with the x box one off to such a terrible start after a horrible E3, and when you get a micro soft worker to say that the x box brad is a CRUMMY PRODUCT, YOU KNOW YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!! NINTENDO EMPLOYEES HAVE NEVER TRASHED THE WII U!! SO, with it being just nintendo and sony, I think nintendo can win, if they make the right moves.
thomasmiller  +   939d ago
and look how much money microosft has lost on the x box product 6 billion to 10 billion dollars!!! WOW!! htis is deep trouble for microsoft and yet the trolls and the biased media, thin Nintendo is the one that is doomed?? oh well, what ever helps the trolls sand media sleeps well at night!
Manic2014  +   939d ago
6-10 Billion...............Where the hell did you get those number's. Nintendo is the one whom is doing bad in business hence they had to sell the wii u in a lower price compared to originally planned; So they can dodge administration.
Belking  +   939d ago
Dude, don't even go there with money loss. We all know sony has been bleeding red for years. Selling off assets, their buildings and cutting bonuses to help pay for things and save money. The xb1 and wii-u can totally fail and both will still be in a better position than sony. Samsung and LG have been cleaning their clock for years and they have lost market share in the gaming market to nintendo and MS. PS4 is an improvement but they aren't out of danger just yet.

Now i will get tons of disagrees but what I said is a fact. Remember who's credit was downgraded to junk not long ago. You don't replace CEO's because business is going great.
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Manic2014  +   939d ago
Microsoft had a terrible unveiling but a very successful E3 with just showcasing there games. Overall they are getting good pre-orders but still behind the PS4. To be honest Out of the three consoles Wii u is much more likely to get third place this gen. Microsoft employee calling the box brand crummy........It was by an EX MS employee whom was against MS going into gaming. sure the wii u could gain more momentum once the new games are released it would still be overshadowed by the release of PS4 and Xbox one.
shibster88  +   939d ago
Defo ps4, with indie support and more exclusives and now they have released the feature were you can play your games by signing into any other ps4, and its cheaper and has 50% more power and more flops, its an around good friendly system.
Ksar  +   939d ago
I'm pretty sure Xbox One will win
first1NFANTRY  +   939d ago
just like they won this gen? oh wait...
LOGICWINS  +   939d ago
The PC as usual. Its the most purchased/used gaming platform.
Utalkin2me  +   939d ago
Sorry, didnt know PC stood for "Personal Console" i though it meant Personal Computer. Considering the article is talking about Consoles.
LOGICWINS  +   939d ago
"Console" and "Computer" are interchangeable. A console is a computer and a computer is a console.
thebudgetgamer  +   939d ago
For Farmville.
shibster88  +   939d ago
The wii u will never be top over ps4 or the xbone never, the wii just hasnt the games to support 85% of gamers needs.
thomasmiller  +   939d ago
_QQ_  +   939d ago
I'm soooooo sorry man,it must be hard for your parents :(. Don't be afraid to ask for help,I recommend contacting a professional.
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FlyingFoxy  +   939d ago
For performance and multiplats, PC..

First party games, Wii U and PS4.

I don't think there's going to be a clear cut winner..
Software_Lover  +   939d ago
There is no war. Even if one console sells 1 more unit than the other console in their lifetime is that a "WAR VICTORY"? One will sell more than the other. That is a given. IMHO anything over 50 million is a win, especially if it is profitable.
PositiveEmotions  +   939d ago
Its hard to say who will win by the end of the year but as of now the ps4 is taking the lead.
JBSleek  +   939d ago
What do you define and a win?

Profit margins?

They both will "win" but my thing is why do people actually care who wins? What is up withe recent circle jerking of console choices.
BabyTownFrolics  +   939d ago
Console War? There are 3 competing consoles in a marketplace with a very large potential consumer base. If the ps4 or xbox1 sells more than the previous console then both MS and Sony will have accomplished what they are looking to accomplish as businesses.

If your talking about the better console in the eyes of gamers that is a matter of personal opinion and up for debate.

When it comes to the "console war" its really just a myth perpetuated by gaming websites to instigate hits. The same way news organizations use sensationalism and fear to get people to watch their shows.

So this console gen lets make a pledge as gamers regardless of which platform we choose to play to respect each other, because in the end we are here not for our differences but for what we have in common the love of gaming.


to software_lover, a man can dream, imagine there is no console war it's easy if you can try
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Software_Lover  +   939d ago
Good luck dude. I have learned that that last paragraph is not gonna happen.
PigPen  +   939d ago
If the battle is between the Xbox One and PS4, I will go with the Xbox One. There is a first time for everything, even Microsoft coming in first. By the time the next E3 come around, you will have a better look at the Xbox One exclusives. Its the exclusives that will win out in the long run. Microsoft and Nintendo has the money to get exclusive game content or games. They basically started out running with exclusives and that will continue down the road. I know I will sound bias, but it will be the Wii U that will win the gen. The power of Nintendo franchises is nothing short of star power. Wii U slow start is irrelevant, they have the most consoles sold now out of next gen. The games don't have to look on the level of the competitors, just as long as they look amazing. Cheaper price tag with Nintendo first party games are theirs to lose.
Xof  +   939d ago
The Vita and 3DS are the big winners for me. Not only do they already have good libraries, they have the potential for bigger, better libraries, AND they have extensive backwards-compatibility.
LOGICWINS  +   939d ago
Fully agree here.
MysticStrummer  +   939d ago
If worldwide sales are the measuring stick, PS4 will undoubtedly win.

One is $100 more because of Kinect, which less than 1/3 of 360 buyers wanted this generation.

Cloud computing can only be a real factor for people who have a much higher than average internet connection. What we've been shown so far can be done with current gen online tech, and what little can be done with the cloud can be done by Sony also. Respawn themselves said "cloud" is just a vague marketing term meaning a bunch of servers that can be used in various ways, but when the average connection in the biggest gaming market will only allow the cloud to process 1/20000 of the data compared to the inner systems of the console, that's a pretty huge red flag.

One's Live TV functions will only be available in the US at launch, and will require a separate device to function, so the "All in One" catch phrase should be out the window and worldwide sales will be impacted.

Microsoft still has ill will from the RRoD design debacle, along with the perception that they abandoned core gamers to focus on Kinect in recent years, and on top of that they've generated more ill will with how they've handled One's design, reveal, policies, and price.

It can't be denied that One has a strong lineup of games coming, but so does PS4. Who ultimately has the better lineup is subjective.

360 took an early lead because of it's price and head start, then other people bought the console because it's what their friends bought. With PS4 launching at the same time and possibly sooner, at a lower price with more power, MS won't have the same advantages they had this gen. Polls and pre-orders back that up, but we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Lastly, for me the biggest advantage PS4 has is that Sony got lots of developer input for it's design. I think that will pay off big time in the long run.
PigPen  +   939d ago
To be fair, that was said about the PS3 , PSP and Vita. Sony has climbed into second place this gen, but got spanked by the Wii, DS and 3DS. Nintendo has been on a winning streak.
MysticStrummer  +   939d ago
Oh yeah the Wii made Nintendo the big winners because it was cheap to produce and they sold a ton. It may end up being outsold but even so it was a huge success. I wouldn't include DS and 3DS in this discussion just because they're handhelds, but there's no denying Nintendo did very well this gen.

I'm guilty of leaving WiiU out of what I said above, but I honestly don't consider it to be "next gen" when it's more comparable in power to the PS3 and 360 than it is PS4 and One. But, the same could be said about the Wii compared to PS3 and 360.

I said a lot so I'm wondering what of that was also said about PS3, PSP, and Vita.
thebudgetgamer  +   939d ago
Vectrex fool.
etownone  +   939d ago
If WiiU gets a price drop to $200. They will sell great the holiday season. But I doubt they can win again this gen.

I'm getting Xbox One. And most of my friends are getting Xbox One also. That's all I care about.
Looking forward to Next gen Halo,
And Titanfall, KI, Ryse, and Forza DAY ONE.
And interested to see if Xbox TV benefits and Kinect 2 ends up being any good.

Sony will likely dominate out the gate.
fsydow1  +   939d ago
PS4 will win this time around. Its cheaper, looks better,more powerful GPU, better ram and its not so damn huge.
BATRA  +   939d ago
hear we go again who is the best console is wii u and no others
Jay70sgamer  +   939d ago
It's funny people saying Sony won already ....never underestimate your competition have we not learned that already with the wii ...we all had the same conversation last generation oh the wii is weak it's not gonna win against Sony and xbox ...we are now in 2013 and who won the last generation it was the wii ...with all the Sony and Xbox jockeying in all reality and this is fact not opinion ...nintendo has been the leader in consoles and handhelds for over the last almost 8 years and as of today 7-11-2013 nintendo is still the leader and has an almost 4 million lead over playstaion 4 and xbox one which has not come out yet ..that's a reality and still is king of the handhelds(3ds) point in all of this is never sleep on nintendo because just like last generation they came through the back door and won the last generation and that can certainly happen again ...I only speak reality and facts people can disagree all they want with this comment but the truth is the truth numbers never lie ........and also majority of people saying nintendo this and nintendo that in reality how many of the xbox /playstaion fans are going have an wii u also the majority will that is fact ..just like last generation most people had a xbox/wii,Sony/wii or pc/ wii ...I really don't know whos gonna win this generation but don't be delusional and say Sony already won that's a stupid statement ..I'm not a console fan I am a gamer I love all games on all systems's cool to have your preference but I'm a gamer so games is all that matters not consoles just saying
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jameson12345  +   939d ago
I hope that it ends up being a three way tie. I would want this because when ever one of the big three experiences major success with a console generation, they make major and stupid mistakes the next one out of arrogance. Enough competition between the three keeps them creative and on their toes. This is when it benefits the industry and gamers the most.

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