Does the Xbox One’s Rumored GPU Clock Increase Represent a Durability Risk? is it Worth it?

In the last few days a rumor surfaced bringing forth the possibility that Microsoft is working on increasing the GPU clock of the Xbox One to react to the PS4′s allegedly more powerful specs.
Giuseppe Nelva of analyzes the rumor and weighs in on the possibility of it such an occurrence representing a durability risk, or being even worth it.

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mewhy321499d ago

Even with the clock increase the power difference cant be made up. The ps4 gpu has more compute units and with ddr5 the xbone isn't even close to a match. Overclocking definately causes more heat. Heat is the enemy of computer components.

Abriael1499d ago

yeah, pretty much exactly my point. It's not really worth risking a durability hit when computational parity cannot be achieved anyway.

darthv721499d ago

Still unsure about final specs. There is rumored speed of the cpu/gpu but until the final details are released...let them try and find the sweet spot for performance.

loulou1499d ago

all these rumours should really stop until after microsoft talk about the xbox one at hot chip.

at the moment, no one out side of microsoft and amd knows what is there. i have also read that devs are under NDAs until september (hot chip is at the end of august..), and strangely enough AMD have not said a word about the xb1 silicon....!!

downclock, compute units, shaders.... no one knows what they have.

and quite honestly, looking at how good forza, ryse and killer instinct looked on xb1 dev kits at e3... something does not add up at the moment.

what ever it is, the end of august should be when we discuss this again

dedicatedtogamers1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Let's just imagine for a moment that PS4 and Xbox One are 100% identical in hardware power. Even if that was the case, the PS4 has 2 GB of extra RAM to play around with due to the PS4's operating system taking up a much smaller amount of resources.

But of course, we know that the PS4 has several hardware advantages over the Xbox One, which only makes the gap wider.

The interesting thing is that the games we've seen so far on PS4 were being made with the assumption that PS4 would have only 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM (everyone seems to gloss over this fact). Even the developers were surprised at the February reveal when Sony announced 8 GB of RAM. So, we are going to see some massive leaps in graphical fidelity for 2nd-generation PS4 games.

vulcanproject1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Why bother????

The cloud will make Xbox one 4 times faster or 10 times or 40 times faster right?

Is what you said wasn't it Microsoft?



darthv721499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

@dedicated: do you think OS resources will remain the same throughout the console cycle?

We have seen over the course of the 360 and PS3 that refinements to the OS via FW updates can result in less resource footprint thus allowing more direct memory to be available to the developer. Now that is on 512mb (total) systems.

To think Ms couldnt refine the XB1 OS to use less memory is absurd. I expect sony to do the same refinements over the course of the PS4 as well. Nintendo has already made a move to improve their system performance via FW update and they are looking to improve it again later this year.

Performance improvements can be attained via FW but where they cant improve things is in the type of memory used. We can all agree that the GDDR5 is better than the DDR3. Eventually both will refine their systems to try and achieve the most memory available for use while not compromising the performance of operating systems.

Truehellfire1499d ago

The amount of RAM has absolutely nothing to do with graphic fidelity. Going from 4GB to 8GB won't mean graphics will increase. The extra RAM will allow for decreased loading times, more objects to loaded into the world, easier development, etc.

badz1491499d ago

why is this not put under rumor? it's not confirmed, right?

gaffyh1499d ago

@Truehellfire - That's not necessarily true, because you can load better and more detailed textures with more RAM, which helped games like GeOW a lot.

On topic - possible RROD issues could happen, if MS is going to overclock this late in development. If it's true, it would yet another reason to wait a year to buy an Xbone, just to make sure there aren't any hardware issues. However, the overclock is very little, it's as if they are seeing how much of an overclock they can get away with. So maybe the huge fan and grills all over the console are good enough to keep the BGAs cool enough this time.

zeee1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

@Abriael: "yeah, pretty much exactly my point. It's not really worth risking a durability hit when computational parity cannot be achieved anyway."

Right but I am of the view that even if computational parity IS achieved, there is no worth taking durability risks. That's like giving a big middle finger to all the gamers who are going to spend so much money on a console. Be it Sony, MS or Nintendo. Hardware reliability should be the top priority and any company that compromises that should be held accountable.

It's like driving a very fast car with unreliable breaks!

BallsEye1498d ago


Actually, MS have a way to use up to 7GB of RAM for games but ofcourse no one here knows about it or doesn't want to know. MS built their system in a very smart way. Read up about Hypervisor that XO has.

Gamingcapacity1498d ago

I read the link. It talks about suspending the OS/apps to allow more GB to be allocated to the game. But doesn't MS want you to run the OS and use apps like skype while playing games.

DragonKnight1498d ago

@gamingcapacity: Yep, they do. And if anything is suspended to allow for more memory, then you'll have the same situation as the PS3 had at the beginning of its life when you couldn't access the XMB in-game. I would love to see the Xbox One fanboys justify that when they were on the PS3 for it for months.

madpuppy1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

It seems that everybody at Microsoft is having an issue with making wise decisions concerning the XBone, screwing with something that reduces stability and increases heat is a mistake at this stage in the game, MS has to be on their "A" game when it comes to reliability. Being a little slower than the PS4 will not be an issue to the Xbox faithful, you keep customers by providing unique experiences (eg:exclusives) that you cannot get anywhere else and having a rock solid, reliable product, reacting to the competition in this manner (if it is true) is a failing business strategy.

Enemy1498d ago

I say let them keep trying so it backfires. They should have thought about this a long time ago. Too late. It will never match the PS4.

malokevi1498d ago

Clock increase + 12GB RAM + Flash cache = PS4 getting ass-rapped out of the gate.

As if there was ever any doubt of that.

DragonKnight1498d ago

@malokevi: As soon as you said 12GB of RAM you moved from obvious troll to dumbass obvious troll. The Xbox One does not, and will not have 12GB of RAM, stop trying to spread FUD.

malokevi1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Reports are starting to come out. I've done my research, looks probable.

Prepare to eat your words Sony faithful.

MS has been spreading misinfo to third parties and keeping 1st parties in the know. An 8gb limit for game development should have made that obvious. That leaves an additional 4gb to do all the multitasking that I so love :D

XB1 FTW, Microsoft has got it bagged.

Death1498d ago

Without finalized specs released, why is there so much debate? AMD created both the PS4 and XboxOne combo CPU/GPU. Running at a higher voltage would increase the performance of both CPU and GPU operations since they are on the same chip. This isn't like a PC where you can alter voltages independantly and increase clock cycles.

As for any talk of possible RROD, it's just as easy to say the larger XboxOne case allows for more airflow to cool it more effectively. The PS4 in it's much smaller case is more compact and less airflow friendly. Even without possible over clocking, the XboxOne design resembles a high end gaming rigs air cooling capability much more. I wouldn't even think of overclocking the PS4 due to it's design. I'm not claiming to know much, but I have a quadcore i7 2.8ghz processor running at 4 ghz per core in my system. I can appreciate the liquid cooling along with the fans needed to keep the chip from burning up. I couldn't do this with a small compact case.

As for ram allocation, having resources available in the background is not a bad thing. The PS3 can't cross game chat since the resources aren't there. 1 gig of dedicated ram will work wonders on the PS4, but having more is not bad. If consoles this gen were able to run well with 512mb, why do people all of a sudden think 5 gigs is insufficient? The same force that kept blu-ray from making games longer and higher def is working against 7 gigs of ram making games bigger, better and with more textures. The cost to fill the space is not justifiable by developers and publishers. If you think games will look different between the XboxOne and PS4 due to the amount of ram, you are delusional. Capability and reality don't often run together. You can look at the PS3's 50gig discs to see that games aren't longer or in native 1080p like people thought they would.

Kryptix1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

If Microsoft is spreading misinformation, doesn't that ruin their credibility even more. Which also makes the cloud way worse since they're overhyping it? You know, I kinda wondered where "greenpowerz" went but you make a perfect replacement because of your blind stupidity.

Edit: By the way, if that Xbox One rumor is true, switching the 8gig RAM into 12 gigs...then they need to stop production of their console and push the release date even further to next year to meet demand. You can expect a lot of preorder cancels and more people getting the PS4 because people don't got the patience for bs. But you're too delusional to know how selling products work. The earlier the release, the more sales.

DragonKnight1498d ago

@malokevi: Oh forgive me, if neogaf says it then it must be true. They never post rumours and have ironclad sources, and Microsoft haven't begun production of the Xbox One yet but will still release the console in November. Sounds completely legit. /s

@Death: Console size is not the only determinant of heat reduction. There's also chipset sizes and power output. This is why there are "slim" versions years later because chip sizes are reduced and produce less heat, so the compact size of the PS4 doesn't mean it has a greater heat reduction problem.

Death1498d ago

Neither console has hit the production stage. They are in pre-production still getting the kinks worked out on the line. Once full production starts the goal is to hit 1.5 million units per month. There is still plenty of time to make the holiday buying season. This is why an official date hasn't been set. In theory they could add ram, I don't honestly see the point though. The bs ram arguements on the net are not indicitive of actual performance, it's just bragging rights and cannon fodder.

3-4-51498d ago

Are they purposely trying to allow RRoD #2 to happen ?

DragonKnight1498d ago

@Death: Early indications are that the PS4 is out in 4 months. They are not in "pre-production" phase. The plans are finalised to make time for production and shipping. Even if it comes out in December they are still not in pre-production. I can't believe anyone would think that their aren't consoles being made right now to meet up with pre-order and launch window demands. It would be inefficient to wait another month or two.

Death1498d ago

Sony is currently telling retail partners that the console hasn't hit full production yet. They are still running them through slowly and testing/making adjustments. They plan to be at 1.5 million units per month at peak capacity once full production status is hit. The Xbox 360 launched with 400,000 units which isn't uncommon for a launch window. If Sony and Microsoft hit full production capacity and only make 1 million per month they will be fine 60 days from launch give or take a week to get them from the factory to retail channels. After launch they will release in waves every 3 weeks.

None of this is new. This has been the launch strategy for quite sometime. If they were in full production today, that would be 1-1.5 million units in storage per month for 5 months. That would be very, very bad for business. If either company wanted to change something like ram quantity per chip, it wouldn't be a problem since vendors wouldn't be shipping this soon anyway. Once again though, it's highly unlikely they would increase the amount since it will not impact games.

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Belking1499d ago

You have no idea what you are talking

XabiDaChosenOne1499d ago

Translation: "please be wrong, I have no idea what you're talking about but it sounds bad for Xbox"

dantesparda1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

To death, malokevi, elitenick and belking

It is beyond obvious that youse do not know what is going on and understand the technology and are really just wishing really hard on a star. I feel sorry for you's, y'all are truly diehard fans, I bet youse signed the petition to bring back the DRM

Elit3Nick1499d ago

the difference between the DDR3 and the *ahem* GDDR5 have already more or less been eliminated with the recent ESRAM upgrade

Mikeyy1499d ago

No it hasn't. You can't funnel all 5GBs of ram through esram/edram.

Elit3Nick1499d ago

I'm talking about the bandwidth difference, and it's NOT 5 gigs, if the hypervisor takes 1 gig then games can have as much as 7 gigs allocated to gaming, its sad that people still say only 5 gigs...

KwietStorm1499d ago

No it has not, please stop with this. The esram is not is a workaround. It cannot be fed the same throughput. The gap between the two may not be as wide, but it is not eliminated.

MysticStrummer1499d ago

"the difference between the DDR3 and the *ahem* GDDR5 have already more or less been eliminated with the recent ESRAM upgrade"

No. The bandwidth increase only applies to that 32MB of ESRAM.

Microsoft themselves say only 5GB of RAM will be available for games.