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‘Super Mario 64’ inspired by ‘Croc,’ says Argonaut founder

Argonaut Games founder Jez San believes the influential Nintendo 64 title, “Super Mario 64,” was inspired by the company’s 1997 game, “Croc: Legend of the Gobbos.” (Croc: Legend of the Gobbos, Retro, Super Mario 64)

KingWilly105  +   365d ago
A game from 1996 inspired by a game from 1997?

Sorry Jez, but that's a load of Croc.
wishingW3L  +   365d ago
read the article!
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RustedMan  +   364d ago
or "a Croc of Sh*t"
zeal0us  +   364d ago
Argonaut had a contract to make a 3D platformer, which starred Yoshi. After showing the prototype to Nintendo, one year later Super Mario 64 was release which offer similar mechanic that Argonaut's prototype had.

After their contract expired with Nintendo, Argonaut turn the 3D prototype into Croc.
3-4-5  +   364d ago
Yea, considering Yoshi wasn't playable in Mario 64 and it was in development starting as early as 1994 I'd say it's kind of BS.
tigertron  +   365d ago
Wow, I remember Croc.
segamon  +   364d ago
it was a nice game, I loved some of its music too.
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Benjammin25  +   364d ago
Ha, the music was great. The theme in particular was awesome. :)
smokeyjoekenobi  +   364d ago
Whether mario 64 was inspired by croc or not is debatable, but I personally found Mario to be a fuller, richer and deeper experience. Croc was initially fun, but became incredibly repetitive and by extension dull, all too quickly.
blackmanone  +   364d ago
Uhhh is this about Yoshi? Does Jez San not realize that Yoshi wasn't introduce in Super Mario 64, but way before that?
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D-riders  +   364d ago
yoshi was on super nintendo
RustedMan  +   364d ago
I see that all the time on this site:
Blackmanone poses the question about Yoshi coming into existance before Croc, then D-riders simply confirms it.
ape007  +   364d ago
MiasmaDodo  +   364d ago
I loved Croc, thats old school memories

demo disc from cereal boxes for my PS1


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