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Splinter Cell: Blacklist is designed to be played as a stealth game, says Ubi

VideoGamer: "Despite plenty of confusion, Ubisoft claims Splinter Cell: Blacklist is, first and foremost, a stealth game." (PC, PS3, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Mr_Nuts  +   382d ago
Thats what you said about Conviction...just saying
NYC_Gamer  +   382d ago
The days of true stealth games are dead because publishers want huge mainstream success
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Mr_Nuts  +   382d ago

You know I'm saying that and I've learnt my lesson with Conviction so I'm not getting it either way. Not even Spies vs. Mercs can lure me in

Plus they got rid of Ironside which was the final strike. Making it out like he's too old for motion capturing when you have someone like Richard Mcgonagle who plays Sully still going and he's like 2 years older then Ironside. It's obviously about money...

They should of just started a new series with a new character to be honest.
DaReapa  +   382d ago
Too true. Even the MGS series is drawing away from its steath roots with this guns-blazing or "stealth" gameplay option Kojima's levied on the latest releases. It's saddening how casualized gaming has become.
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Lord_Sloth  +   382d ago
Which is why I'm waiting till after launch to consider buying this game.
malokevi  +   382d ago
I loved conviction. Endless Coop fun. It wasn't exactly traditional splinter cell, but it was still great.

You have to consider that it was a completely different game before they scrapped the project. Something of a rush job.

I think blacklist will take the game back to its roots, while keeping in line with conviction. Maybe a split between SC3 and SCconviction.

in any case... 4v4 Spies vs. Mercs. I'm sold. Dreaming of Pandora Tomorrow...
Zack_Fair  +   382d ago
At least the multiplayer of Conviction is totally a stealth game.
For me, it was what saved the game.
Anthotis  +   382d ago
"Splinter Cell designed to be played as a stealth game"

No shit..
PigPen  +   382d ago
Ubi I'm buying, my first Splinter Cell in years.
General Shrooms  +   382d ago
New Splinter cell a stealth game? sure, and New Resident evil games are scary.
InTheLab  +   382d ago

*goes and watches the video of Sam running through a camp using mark and execute, then calling in an air strike*

Seems legit :/

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