Bungie talks Destiny’s universe: ‘We spent years on it’

X360: Bungie’s new universe has taken years to build up according to studio president Harold Ryan. How many writers does it take to build a universe then?

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mewhy321595d ago

Now that they're developing on the PS4 we'll things from Bungie that will bow our minds. Let's hope that they don't program to the lowest denominator xbone and instead take full advantage of the superior hardware capabilities of the PS4.

Cmk01211595d ago

its pathetic be so overly loyal is insane. i had atari, ninteo,super nintendo, n64,ps2,gamecube, xbox 360, ps3, ps4 , xbox one... play what you like geez folks

Utalkin2me1595d ago


Just curious of why you think it is sad? Or anyone else for that matter. Cause he prefers a selective platform? Or cause he stated facts of PS4 being superior to the Xbox1? What is sad is your comment of not adding to the discussion or voicing your opinion on the article.

malokevi1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

And you consider what he said "voicing your opinion on the article" or "contributing to discussion".

Well then, thats equally sad.

what he did is take an article about a fantastic game, and make a ridiculous troll comment in favor of the PS4. No facts, no basis in reality. Bungie has already stated that there will be no discernible difference between the two next-gen versions... so why bother with this kind of fanboy drivel?

Just an excuse to dig at what is bound to be a great machine. Every sentence is laden with confrontational BS. Nobody needs/wants that. Yes, the PS4 is great... as if that has anything to do with the article. He could easily have left it at that... but he had to do his part for the Sony Attack Force.

i think its pathetic. That's coming from someone who is excited for both of these consoles.

HammadTheBeast1595d ago

I agree. I mean in fanboy wars it's fine to pull this stuff, but this is a neutral article.

AngelicIceDiamond1595d ago

I really hope the universe is truly dynamic between the player and the world. Like how the Tv shows LOST or Defiance was done. I wanna see that kind of worldly interaction done in Destiny.

Marked @Mewhy for trolling btw.

S2Killinit1595d ago

I didn't find it sad. I thought he meant that he is excited for Bungie developing for PS4 and he wants to see they develop on the PS4 as opposed to on XB1. that is his prerogative. Unless, if you feel that he is saying that with bad intent, as to piss XB fans off?

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CrossingEden1595d ago

your comment definitely doesn't scream "i'm a fanboy" or anything

Utalkin2me1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

You have the option to be selective in your platform and say your opinion. Seems people are upset for you own opinion, cause you do not see how they think you should see it.

Thehyph1595d ago

There's another side of the coin. Just read his post. What possible benefit does he receive from putting the other side down? To go on the internet and put others down? Yaaaayyy....
I don't want to have a game that goes from like 26x better than current gen to 30x better than current gen at the expense of the many. (Those obviously aren't real figures)
There's brand loyalty, then there's fanaticism, and then there's outright selfishness.

ZBlacktt1595d ago

They already are:

inb4 disagree hurt people don't like the facts, lol. Can't hate the facts people.

Manic20141595d ago

Exclusive content was known since E3. Still both console's Will be getting the game and DLC Content.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1595d ago

I'm look forward to see if the exclusive content for ps3/ps4 is actually good or not :P

gamedebater1595d ago

This should have been Halo ONLINE to be successful. This new lore has no attachment and won't be able to compete with Halo's Sales.

However most people would prefer to play matches, how are they going to prevent people with better guns owning everyone pvp?

This is basically borderlands MMO.

Thehyph1595d ago

Usually MMO's don't pair up level discrepancies when matchmaking for PvP. If they do, I'm sure there's some kind of balancing system.
World PvP is a different matter, sometimes you just gotta suck it up.
The day after Wrath of the Lich King came out for WoW, some friends and I just waited at the dark portal for all the Death Knights to come through and just mowed them down and camped them over and over. Man, that was fun. I'm not an arse like that anymore, though. Haha

HammadTheBeast1595d ago

I'm actually way more interested in this lore than Halo's. I mean Master Chief is great and all, but how far can his story be taken? We've had prequels and sequels, even played as Covenant. I just can't see where they could go next.

PigPen1595d ago

Bungie, impress me like the the first time I played the first Halo.

SpitFireAce851595d ago

Right on if anyone can do it its bungie I believe destiny will be on hell of game
Can't wait to play it I got it per-ordered

deathstriker1595d ago

I hope it's good, but so far it seems like a Mass Effect and Borderlands hybrid. I hope EA takes notice and does a ME spinoff like this between sequels that's in this vein. I'd rather explore that world as of now.

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