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Murder on the Titanic, Shaun the Sheep & More Now Available via Nintendo eShop

This week’s new releases on the Nintendo eShop are headlined by the return of Shaun the Sheep. Originally made available on Nintendo 3DS via the Nintendo Video channel, the Shaun the Sheep mini-series is now available for purchase to allow fans to watch whenever they wish in full stereoscopic 3D. (3DS, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Murder on the Titanic, Nintendo DS, Shaun the Sheep 3D, Wii, Wii U)

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Ahh more games nobody wants to play or asked for on the eshop.

I love my 3DS but the eshop compared to what I can play on my PSP via PSN is just stupid.

Last gen's handheld and I can play PSone era games and yet THIS years 3DS gen and I can only play late 80's NES games and early 90's Game gear, mid 90's GBC games.

Games didn't start offering good content to last you until the SNES/Geneis, yet we can't play these via eshop on 3DS.

Makes no sense.

Nintendo would make millions selling SNES + GBA games.

Sell them for $5-20 for all I care. They will be bought.

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