Why Ubisoft Changed Sam Fisher's Voice

Speaking to IGN, Maxime Béland revealed why the decision was taken not to bring back series veteran Michael Ironside, who has voiced Fisher in every other Splinter Cell game for over a decade, and instead replace him with Eric Johnson.

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PigPen1803d ago

I'm ok with that, as long as he's not soft spoken. Don't do nothing crazy Ubisoft.

Grap1803d ago

i swear to god this post read it like 6 months ago from the same site.

sly-Famous1803d ago

I think Ubisoft messed up not having Ironside as Sam Fisher, they should have changed the character rather. Ironside is Sam Fisher. I'll be giving this a skip.

Mr_Nuts1803d ago


As I've just said in another article...they are making it out like he's too old for motion capturing when you have someone like Richard Mcgonagle who plays Sully still going and probably will keep continuing to play him and he's like 2 years older then Ironside.

It's obviously about money...

Should of started fresh with a new character

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