The biggest threat to PS4 is PS3

Through all the talk of the Cloud, DRM, Digital Distribution and streaming videos on PS4 and Xbox One, both systems still have a lot to prove., the current-round of systems are in their golden years and are managing to produce some of their finest content yet.

It may not be time to give up on them just yet…

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GribbleGrunger1744d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

The biggest threat to PS2 was the PS1. The biggest threat to PS3 was the PS2. The biggest threat to PSVita was the PSP. The biggest threat to PS4 is the PS3 ...

When are these people going to understand the ten year lifecycle and why PS branded consoles do so well? Journalists choose to be this short sighted just so they can muster up an article or two.

We really must stop this versus mentality, especially when it relates to the SAME damn company making money on ALL their consoles/handhelds. Sony please us to make money, regardless of which platform they choose to please us with. Would a trainer put their horse out to pasture because they have a younger horse? Of course not.

Look at it as a PS brand and not as individual consoles vying for poll position and you'll fully understand the situation.

locomorales1743d ago

I couldn't agree more.

And, IMO, the early adopters are a completely different group. The later adopters are oftem low budget people.

dedicatedtogamers1742d ago

The PS4's biggest ally is the PS3. Not everyone will be able to afford the PS4 for the first few years, yet when they see Sony is the only company still supporting their older console, it instills confidence.

avengers19781742d ago

And what a horrible position that puts Sony in, to have two consoles on the market selling at the same time... Oh, wait, they've done that since they started making game machines.
Seriously though Sony is delivering great exclusive games like TLOU and B2S so if your new to ps3 or just sticking with it for awhile longer then sonys got you covered

Jaqen_Hghar1742d ago

A man will be simultaneously gaming on PS3 and 4 this Fall. Batman, Puppeteer, KH HD, GTA5, Ratchet Nexus, and Beyond 2 Souls on PS3 then Watch Dogs, BF4, AC4, Killzone, and Knack on PS4. A man will most likely revisit his favorites on PS3 until Gaikai proves itself capable and fully breadthed and even then a man will keep his PS3 because all his favorite PS1-3 games are on it and secure for all time. A man will use PS4 for cross gen and new exclusives. Happy times.

Bluepowerzz1742d ago

i have to agree with you jahqen

bviperz1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

This article is ugly. When I bought the PS3, the only game I bought was Resistance (already having a PS2 slim and a 'greats' collections built up). From then I knew the potential they spoke of with the PS3, even though there was a severe lack of games. The same goes for the PS2 and the PS. Sony always has that potential, because look where we are today with the PS3. So to doubt the success of PS4 based off of it's predecessor is just plain idiocy.

pixelsword1742d ago

Overlapping consoles allow for easier transition into the next generation.

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mewhy321744d ago

I would tend to agree here. The PS3 showed that it's got much more power to yet be extracted when we got "The Last of Us." I mean that game looks amazing and easily the best looking game this gen. Sony will support the PS3 until people stop buying it.

ShugaCane1744d ago

I think it would have been if the PS4 had failed to impress as a true Next-Gen system. But so far it looks nothing short of a spectaculare piece of hardware, and as much as I love my PS3 (I'm not even close to giving up on it yet), I can't wait to see my PS4 next to it, as soon as possible. And I'm sure many people do.

Jaqen_Hghar1742d ago

The only difficulty a man sees is playing with DS3 after DS4 but a man will deal with it.

PSVita1743d ago

Sonys getting profit from every PS3 sold so it actually helps the PS4.

Gunsmoke1742d ago

Link to your made up information please?

Utalkin2me1742d ago

My goodness, your trolling just never stops. Should call you "Energizer Bunny" of trolling. You just keep going, going and going.

karl1742d ago

hes just a clown..

dont bother yourself with him...

WeedyOne1742d ago

Made up information? LOL! This is OLD NEWS....

Here is a link from 2010!...

Jaqen_Hghar1742d ago

the fact that SCE is still in business lol. Seriously people don't think PS3 is profitable at this point?

MysticStrummer1742d ago


Are you serious? Are you implying that Sony still makes no profit from selling a PS3?

lol Wow...

fsfsxii1741d ago

Haha, you pathetic troll.

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GribbleGrunger1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

God, it's you again.

Why does he need a link when he's clearly got a functioning brain? Any losses made on their new console is made up for by the profits made by the previous hardware. Easy isn't it? That's how Sony roll my friend.

solidjun51742d ago

And he dare says he's not trolling. I'm laughing hard here.

myrddincrow1743d ago

I'm not in any rush to get a PS4. I will probably get it when my PS3 starts failing. Even then I might get it repaired.

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