The Last of Us – Gaming at its finest

Xbigy Games writes:

Naughty Dog have made a name for themselves with creating cinematic video games. The Uncharted series is often compared to summer blockbusters, especially the Indiana Jones films. When describing The Last of Us to people the best way I can think to describe it is comparing it to The Road; both have a brilliant companion story, post-apocalyptic setting and extremely dark and depressing tone. Once again Naughty Dog seem to have taken the ideas of Hollywood and twisted them into their own amazing game. The Last of Us is not a carbon copy of other films, but rather draws inspiration from them to create a new experience that pushes the idea of video games being an artistic medium.

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mewhy321748d ago

This is easily the best looking game this gen hands down. It's a masterpiece of story, tech, and emotional involvement. Great joh Naughty Dog. You've shown that there's plenty of power left in the PS3.

Jiggy7d1748d ago

Can't even start to imagine what Naughty Dog can do with PS4.....if they managed to develop this masterpiece with 7-year old console technology:)

xHeavYx1748d ago

Don't even mention what ND can do on the PS4, makes me salivate

1748d ago
Xbigygames1748d ago

At the end of a gen you always get true gems when devs know how to push tech to its limits :D

ASBO-51748d ago

Funny how the first 3 comments have 1 neg vote each, obviously from the jealous 360 user!