PC Sales Suffering "Longest Decline" in History

PC sales are experiencing the longest sales decline in their history according to the latest figures.

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zeal0us1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

I blame Windows 8 that and the rise of tablets and smartphones.

wishingW3L1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Me too. I'm pretty sure it's because of Windows 8 and because the other options to it are weak. You either fork a couple of thousand dollars for a MAC or use crappy Linux but then most of your programs will not even work and you'll be living your life by hunting down generic equivalents to Visual Studio, MS Office, etc.

And this is them monopolies because of no real competition to Windows.

Testfire1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

It's smartphones and tablets period. Most people used PCs for only the internet and the occasional essay. Now with smartphones and tablets we can have faster, better options than booting up the PC to get the info we need. If I want to check my bank account, sell/buy something on Ebay or Amazon my smartphone does the job faster and better than a PC. If my child needs to type an essay I'll boot up my decade old PC and it's done. There is absolutely no need to upgrade old PCs for the average consumer who won't be running programs other than Word, Excel, etc.

Muerte24941563d ago

No, no, and no guys. I'm a console guy but even I know that it's because people are building their own instead of purchasing them. For one, it's a hell of a lot cheaper to build your own. You make sure you get exactly what you want it is reason No.2. Most PC gamers upgrade their rigs, usually, every two years. We all know Windows 8 blows, because they over-complicated something that didn't need to be (Same with Xbox One).

When it comes to general purpose, yes, tablets and smartphones are preferred.

TheoreticalParticle1563d ago

I just built one 9 months ago, and when I built mine, 4 of my coworkers built theirs.

I know that's anecdotal and not "data", but every time they sound the death knell for PCs, it makes me laugh.

Steam Sales don't break the storefront because there are too few PC owners out there.

Bonerboy1563d ago

I completely agree with you. I just finished ordering the final bits for my soon to be amazing rig...and for a lot less than one of those overpriced premade boxes of cheap shit. Yet another limp wristed "death of the pc" article

Testfire1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

It's not talking about "gaming PCs", just PCs in general. This has nothing to do with gaming rigs. Your comment is irrelevant to the facts.

Muerte24941562d ago


PC sales are down because PC gamers are building their own PCs. Casuals are using tablets and smartphones. If you can't see the relevance then you don't need to be in this thread.

black0o1562d ago

@Muer gaming PC are 0.5% from the total sells .. there's more thn 1.7 billion PC user WW, so @testfire is right

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MakiManPR1563d ago

Who was the first to introduce the tablets & smartphones we know today? Apple!

Blame Apple!

Crazyglues1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Windows 8 is a small part of it, but what's really killing PC's are tablets - today buying a really big and heavy computer has changed to just get an iPad..

Only the hardcore are still buying computers.. the causal user has just decided to buy an iPad for their computer needs..

1562d ago
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Prcko1563d ago

tablets and smartphones yep

KingWilly1051563d ago

Yeah, Windows 8 really slowed down buying computers; and the rise of tablets is not helping.

modesign1563d ago

mobile devices is killing the pc paperweights.

sorane1563d ago

haha obvious jealousy

tigertron1563d ago

I've never made my own PC before, but I'm seriously considering it when it's time for me to upgrade.

Bonerboy1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Yes! Do it yourself! My bro always made mine for me but I've decided to make my own and I've just ordered everything I need. Check out multiple components and mutiple reviews for each, and for compatibility >(mostly mobo and cpu) and such. Building your own is pretty straight forward after a bit of research. Not to mention getting the exact parts you want. It feels pretty good knowing you have the best parts available that suit your budget. !!!Research!!! You will be surprised that you dont need the newest most expensive components either. A lot of these guys out there make this huge gaming rig with a bunch of crap that isnt even utilized (like 16 or 32 gb of ram, or an i7 over an i5 for gaming) More does NOT always mean better or faster. Again, RESEARCH and you wont be wasting your money! Prices can vary wildly so dig around and not just on those stupid "shopbot" search engines either. The best deals are sometimes hidden away on some random site(I saved at least $50 digging around.) and there are always random sales so dont buy right away. If it isnt on sale today it will be soon. It would have cost me literally hundeds of dollars more if I had some company piece together the same rig and most of the time they didnt have the better parts I wanted to include in my build. Instead they offered crappier parts for more money, so just more reasons to avoid these pc builders.
I flipped around on many dif parts but finally narrowed it down and Im more than satisfied with my decisions. I will have a kickass gaming rig at a fraction of the price of any premade and with no compromises as I KNOW whats inside. It takes time but sure is worth it, especially from a financial aspect. All of those premades IMO (and after doing a ton of research) are lacking in certain if not mutiple areas be it cheap ram or some other sub par hardware. Then on top of it all, paying a ridiculous premium for the company to slap some pointless brand name sticker on the case, and to plug in a couple of silly leds here and there, and for some schlub to tighten a few screws and plug in a few cables? I say Fuck That! Its easy stuff. Build it how YOU want and you wont be disappointed I guarantee you, and more importantly, you KNOW you are getting every pennies worth and aren't getting ripped off.

Bonerboy1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

I upgraded my current rig for around 12-1300 Cdn. (everything but case, disc drives and HDD) If you want to know what I bought, PM me and I'll send you a list. Depending on your budget and what you need to upgrade, it might help point you to a few (IMO) decent, and heavily researched upgrade options.

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