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Big Microsoft vision statement mentions gaming and serious fun

The Xbox officially has a new boss today—former Windows boss and long-time Microsoft veteran Julie Larson-Green. No big gaming experience, unlike former game developer Don Mattrick, who last held the job. But, Microsoft did have stuff to say about gaming when announcing today's big reorganization of company management. (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

SegaSaturn669  +   525d ago
I'm concerned that the kinect will track the heat in my genitals while I'm playing "Just Dance 4" and transmit it to the FBI
negative  +   525d ago

Seriously. I share a similar concern. Dare I leave my Kinect on when I'm banging away. FBI wants my lovemaking skillz.....
malokevi  +   525d ago | Funny
This just in: FBI learns how to have great sex for 25 seconds.

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FanboyCrusher  +   525d ago
"lovemaking skillz" Is that what the kids are calling right hand shame these days?
negative  +   525d ago
@malokevi lol not bad!

Nothing shameful about it ;)
Godmars290  +   525d ago

Wow. That's twice my best XD
Elit3Nick  +   525d ago
@Godmars290 Ohh you nasty...
Blacktric  +   524d ago
Tasteless, unfunny immaturity at its finest.

OT: I'm pretty cautious regarding the "serious fun" statement. Especially when it's coming from someone who hasn't involved in the gaming industry before.
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JBSleek  +   525d ago
Laughs at Kinect for being a security risk.

Uses phone and computers.... Great
D-riders  +   525d ago
cleft5  +   525d ago
Laugh it up now. I am sure those kids sitting in jail for saying something stupid in LoL and on Facebook thought they where funny too. But hey, have your laugh now.
BattleTorn  +   525d ago
Maybe if Justin Carter had Kinect the NSA would've known he wasn't actually a terrorist!

blackmanone  +   524d ago
Agreed. I'm all for Xbox exclusives, they all look great, except for Ryse, which LOOKS great only; but I'm shocked at how many people will sell their privacy rights away for a chance at the new Halo.
Belking  +   525d ago
It won't track your girly parts...lol
ALLWRONG  +   525d ago
Cyfyxtfg  +   524d ago
Mounce  +   524d ago
SegaSaturn, I gave you a bubble because you made me literally lough out loud.

Maybe they'll arrest you if they become jealous of sizes and throw you to jail listed as a Terrorist. "THIS GUY IS PACKING HEAT....We know where he lives."
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JBSleek  +   525d ago
I feel really sad for you.

One day you will stop hating and enjoy life. I promise
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FullMetalTech  +   525d ago
The statement never really clarifies their goal on gaming but on fantasy football, health and social apsects. They should of just came with 2 SKUs. One a gaming machine and the other an entertainment machine.
Elit3Nick  +   525d ago
In the end its the devs that make the game, not MS, they can add all the extra features they want but the Xb1 will, in the end, still play games
FullMetalTech  +   524d ago
Yeah im not bashing them. Its just their approach to the gaming aspect seems to get overshadowed at times with more focus on features than with gaminging in general.
Mr_Nuts  +   525d ago
Probably because they knew this statement would be leaked or shown to gaming sites.

If they knew it was going to happen may aswell make yourself look good after the massive s*** storm they've been through.
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CrimsonStar  +   524d ago
Lol why do troll every Xbox article ? Seriously why? You want to know why the ps4 is so good ? Its because Microsoft Was a surprising upset in competition last gene . If Microsoft wasn't around Sony would pretty much go uncontested , which means they could have done anything ,and get away with it . Competition is good for us we need to support both , never wish one would just die .

Gamer> Fanboy
Mr_Nuts  +   524d ago
Really...I troll every article

No I don't so don't do that, your an Xbox fanboy who is p***** off at people criticizing a console you love to death and it really p***** you off so you have to go with the only come back you know....the "troll" card.

If I'm a troll, then so is the majority of the internet/gaming sites.

Take your own advice man
NeoRatt  +   524d ago
Yes, you are a troll and yes most of the internet/gaming sites are full of trolls.
trywizardo  +   525d ago
cause you're sonyboy DAAA

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