Why I'm Choosing PlayStation 4 Over Xbox One

Chris Jager writes: "I have primarily been an Xbox 360 gamer. Whenever possible, I’d plump for the Xbox version of a game and rarely played PS3 exclusives unless work demanded it. This is in stark contrast to the previous generation, where I was a staunch PlayStation 2 supporter and barely even held an Xbox controller. In a few months, my allegiance is going to shift yet again." "

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mewhy321712d ago

1.More power
2.Better Exclusives
3.100.00 less than inferior xbone
4.Better contoller
5.No spy camera
6.Sony didn't try to screw over gamers
7.Doesn't look like 1980's VCR

abzdine1712d ago

everything i hear about PS4 is good news, everything i hear about X1 is a good ad for PS4!

in other words, all roads lead to PS4

georgeenoob1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

This is the type of misinformation I've been talking about earlier and the Sony fans that invest this site will obviously agree with it.

1. More power, but dosn't have game-generated cloud computing and 300k servers.
2. Xbox exclusives beats PS4 in both quantity and quality.
3. 100 dollars more cause of its camera, which the inferior $60 PS eye doesn't include.
4. Better controller? Ok now I know you're trolling.
5. Kinect doesn't spy on you, but rather enhances dashboard navigation, TV integration, and gaming experiences like project spark.
6. If they intentially wanted to screw gamers over they would have ignored feedback and keep the DRM.
7. PS4 looks just like X1 except its more of a trapezoid.

FarCryLover1821712d ago


#2???? Their exclusives beat PS4 in both quantity and quality? I have been an Xbox gamer since 2003 and the 360's exclusives since 2008 to me at least, have been mediocre. Halo 3 was the last good exclusive on the system for me.

Skips1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )


Pretty much, apparently to georgeenoob. Having LESS 1st party exclusives (20 > 15) from LESS talented developers (Sony studios > MS studios) means Xbox One has PS4 beat in quality and quantity. lol

This isn't even including MS having LESS PC/Console exclusives and indie exclusives.

Less means more now? Is today opposite day??? XD

S2Killinit1712d ago

1. I wonder how disappointed you will be once you realize 2 years down the line that PS4 has the same exact cloud and that it doesn't actually make xbone any more powerful.
2."xbox exclusives beats PS4 in quality and quantity"??? Quality, not if previous generations were any indication. Quantity? there is a recent article with all exclusives listed for both consoles, go check it out, Sony has about 8 more exclusives (give or take)
3. 100 dollars less. I don't want kinect and I don't want to waive my hands around like a fool
4. Better controller. That is subjective. I'm personally more hyped for DS4 because it has new features whereas xbones controller is the same thing with better rumble.
5. "kinect doesn't spy on you" Really? Go read a few non gaming articles. I got news you. Not only does it spy on you on a level never even imagined before, it will also set a precedent for all corporations to include "info gathering" tech inside everything you use. One day your toaster will be "alwalys on". Mark my words.
6. MS wanting to screw you "doesn't make a difference in the overall product". What a shallow way of thinking. Either you are very simple minded, or you are very young, or you are completely blinded by your bias to the point that you don't even care for gaming and your own rights as a consumer.
7. "PS4 looks just like X1" true, they aren't that different. Although you can kind of tell the X1 was designed with casuals in mind. It doesn't look like a gaming machine it just looks like any other player out there. That should tell you something about MS's down the line support for gamers, as should the inclusion of the casual friendly kinect, as should the fact that they had a GAMING console reveal, that didn't have GAMES. If these don't tell you who Microsoft's ultimate target group is, then I don't know what will. But I guess you wouldn't care anyway, just like you didn't care if MS was trying to screw you as long as in your eye "the final product wont be different". Enough said.

georgeenoob1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )


Want to know why it's been mediocre since 2008? Cause that's around the time MS started developing X1 and focusing on its exclusives.

Look how many exclusives MS announced and look how many exclusives Sony announced. There's a difference between 20>15 games and 20>15 AAA games. Don't forget Sony's huge focus on indie exclusives.

EDIT: @below

You forgot Halo and Quantum Break. And Knack and Driveclub aren't considered AAA either leaving Killzone, the Order, and Infamous left. That means 6 AAA exclusives vs. Sony's 3. And I feel sorry for you of you think Gamescom or TGS is a bigger event for Sony than E3 or their reveal.

Skips1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )


"Want to know why it's been mediocre since 2008? Cause that's around the time MS started developing X1 and focusing on its exclusives."

Wow, talk about giving your current fanbase the shaft. lol ... Not that MS are strangers to screwing over their customers anyway.

"There's a difference between 20>15 games and 20>15 AAA games"

LMFAO! Are you kidding??? The MAJORITY of what MS showed aren't even AAA games buddy. XD

Below, D4, Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, Lococycle, etc. are DEFINITELY not AAA games. Ryse, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, and MAYBE Sunset Overdrive are the only ones that we are sure can be categorized as AAA.

"Don't forget Sony's huge focus on indie exclusives."

You are aware that those 20 exlcusives are coming from FIRST party right??? Not indies... -___-

As I've said,



I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891712d ago

I think just for georgenoob n4g needs to make a bubble down button called "no bubbles for you."Cause tbh you have nothing to say that's worth even reading. You are so far from misinformed we all could mistake you for an ms employee.

So many face palms were given when I read you're comments. you actually try to brag about ms abandoning the 360 for the xbox one in 2008. Like wtf is wrong with you. Are you 10 or just that clueless.

Skips1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )


How in the world is DriveClub not considered AAA? Knack, I agree is not. But if Knack isn't included than Sunset Overdrive shouldn't either.

4 announced vs 5 announced? Great??? They still have an embarrassingly low amount of PC/Console exclusives. lol

PS4: PlanetSide 2, DCUO, Warframe, Blacklight Retribution, Primal Carnage

Xbone: what? Project Spark and Titanfall??? LOL!

When the dust settles and all is clear...

20 > 15 1st party exclusives
Sony Studios > MS sub par/mediocre Studios

More indie exclusives > Less indie exclusives
More PC/Console exclusives > Less PC/Console exclusives

etc. etc.

"And I feel sorry for you of you think Gamescom or TGS is a bigger event for Sony than E3 or their reveal."

A lot bigger than MS's that's for sure!

Surprised MS are actually gonna show up this time. XD

BattleTorn1712d ago

Therapist: Mig, it sounds like everything you say - is right, and everything Bob says - is wrong.

Mig: I think I'm gonna like therapy

Therapist: I think therapy is going to like you

(random That 70's show reference)

SirKilla1712d ago

Im banking on Saga dream cast 4.360.

Saigon1712d ago

Though it has been first it was the DRM fiasco, and I am not talking about when it was first announced, I am referring to the rumors that first started and MS choose not say anything. Then the BS that followed after was too overwhelming to just sit there and just forgive them like nothing happened. I always knew MS was full of themselves, because they have been like that since they first hit the market but what transpired during and after the console reveal and then at E3 was a little too much. The flip-flopping they have done makes them look bad and I feel sorry for those who are deciding to stick with them. It will get better for MS Xbone in the future, but right now this system looks a mess.

Lunarassassin1712d ago

You may say that xbox cloud makes xbox better, but 1st microsoft haven't proved anything about the cloud yet and 2nd most countries won't get it and those who do, the ping of there internet may make actions powered by the cloud slow or ineffective.

ZodTheRipper1712d ago

I have so many reasons for a PS4 at the moment. Choosing a console was never as easy as it is this time, Nintendo and Microsoft both didn't do their homework in this gen.

1712d ago
Tatsuya 1711d ago


Even your name makes you sound like a fool. Now to response to your to flamebait and fanboyism answers:

1. One word, GAIKAI. I can't wait for the day u'd realized that u've been fool by Microsoft on those ridiculous claim of Xbone to be powered by the cloud that will make it 3x, 10x, 40x more powerful. Just hillarious..
2. yeah,. keep telling yourself that. Xbone's hv 8 new exclusives while, PS4 has 12 new exclusives. Don't talk crap.
3. One word: CHOICE. SONY is giving it, what about your beloved Microsoft? yeah,. don't think so. I can't wait to see videos of you on the net when they spy on people..
4. Asymmetrical sticks on a controller doesn't work at all. That's why DS4 is the best and you know what.. it's sexier.
5. You're delusional. Kinect 2 is the perfect toy for spying and it will happen. It could be Microsoft themselves, the government or hackers. Have fun :)
6. LOL, who's to say they won't turn back on those setup? If they can do a 180, then they can do a 360. You'll see ;)
7. Urghh,.. nope. Xbone is a brick that looks like a the 80s VCR. PS4 is a sexy thing that you'd like to hug and show off to people. It is the epitome of the most beautiful console ever created. The PS2.

striped941711d ago


cloud will never be able to handle any of that. think about it, if you don't have internet how the fuck are you going to play your game? the graphics are just suddenly going to decrease? even if that's possible that sucks for everyone.

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Rebo001712d ago

"7.Doesn't look like 1980's VCR "
HA :-D

negative1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

1. Won't even matter
2. Wrong this gen
3. stupid point
4. Dead wrong
5. Immature comment
6. Business is about making money. Are you 11?
7. Again, stupid

Pretty much a total fail post. Congrats. Making Sony gamers proud one retarded comment at a time.

pompombrum1712d ago

What a nice and constructive response which was clearly well thought out and with such thought provoking insights.. said no one ever. I especially love the fact you defend the potential spy camera by just dismissing it as an immature comment.

Skips1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

1. Judging by the power difference, and not to mention PS4 being easier to develop for than the One, it will.

2. Sony's 1st party > MS's mediocre/no name 1st party.

3. $100 is stupid to the average consumer??? Are you serious?

4. Can't say. But judging from first impressions. DS4 seems pretty awesome. One controller will probably be too.

5. PRISM, not to mention MS was caught using SKYPE to spy.

6. How is he 11 when MS actually TRIED to sodomize your rights???

7. PS4 design > VCR design, not stupid...

Rusty5151712d ago

1. Yes it will. Exclusives will look a lot better.
2. Because you can see the future can't you?
3. $100 cheaper is indeed a good point.
4. That's personal preference.
5. That's debatable. But I know I'm much more comfortable with a console that doesn't require a camera to operate versus a console that does require an always on kinect.
6. True, but as consumers we want to purchase from a company that we know won't screw us over. I don't care if Microsoft did want to rack in the dough with those policies, what they were doing was just wrong.
7. Only point I agree with you. The look of the console doesn't matter. But it is nice to have a better looking one.

I'd say your post wasn't too great either, Sonny.

truthteller1712d ago

1. Yes power doesn't matter (since when??)
2. Yes, this gen also (this is really no contest)
3. Not a stupid point (you're retarded)
4. Purely subjective
5. Can't say nothing bout that
6. Agree that Sony has better ideas and vision
7. Subjective

MysticStrummer1712d ago

"1.More power
2.Better Exclusives
3.100.00 less than inferior xbone
4.Better contoller
5.No spy camera
6.Sony didn't try to screw over gamers
7.Doesn't look like 1980's VCR"

1) True, but a higher price would negate this advantage. (see #3)
2) Way too early to tell about this gen, and it's subjective anyway.
3) Calling this stupid is ridiculous. More power+Lower price = Good
4) Subjective.
5) Not immature at all. Being able to know how many people are in your home watching an event like the Superbowl is enough to call it a spy cam.
6) Not sure how your point cancels his at all. As long as it makes money, businesses can do whatever they want and it's justified?
7) Tell that to the people whose only job is to design the look of these systems. Also, One does look somewhat like an early VCR.

1712d ago
jessupj1712d ago

This is by far one of the stupidest post I've ever read on n4g.

Pretty much everything you said flies in the face of facts.

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YNWA961712d ago

Power... thats fine if its used.
Exclusives... well I like some Xbox, though Sony has more, I prefer a lot of the Xbox, Halo, Gears, and others
100 less.... good for you, buy an extra game.
Better controller... you held the new controller? 360 controller makes DS3 feel like an egg.
No spy camera... get over it...
Screw gamers.... PS3... remember?
Looks... looks cool. If PS4 was shaped same you would call it a work of art...

I am getting both, hope you enjoy yours... but do you feel better when you post this? Who cares, just enjoy gaming... do not miss out on great games because its on another system... that is called stupid... if you can afford it, get it...

truthteller1712d ago

Exclusives = you prefer Xbox because you never played Playstation.
A game doesn't cost 100$.
360 controller is better than DS3, though I think that will change next-gen.
Spy camera - no comment.
PS3 - Sony learned and proved. Also Sony released far more exclusives this gen. 360 gamers got shit. Look at how Sony still supports PS3 while the 360 is dead for years (TLoU,Ni No Kuni etc.)
Design - no comment

YNWA961712d ago

@ truth teller,
Not once did I say PS4 is not better than X1,
I have owned practically every console since Atari 2600, and plenty of home computers, Spectrum, C64, ST, Amiga, CD32, even Oric Atmos. I did not put down anything about anything PS, except I do not like controller compared to 360 controller. I do like the value on PS+, but onlive multiplayer on 360 is in a different league. If you played both, you would know that. Exclusives, eye of the beholder issue, yes sure, I know PS3 coming on with some great games, but only in its later years. As I said, I am getting both next gen, because I want to play the best of what both have to offer. I know too a game does not cost $100, do not be a technical smart ass... unless collectors edition, but calling other people retarded because they buy something else is the ultimate fanboy statement from a fanboy who therefore probably has no life if he resorts to stupid statements like that. Enjoy your gaming, I drive a Corolla, you drive a Civic maybe, who cares, life is life... it is not a contest. If thats how you feel you have serious issues.

fourOeightshark1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

It's a fact that the DS4 is a better controller because it actually has new features, but the comfort is completely subjective.

RedHawkX1712d ago

8. includes mic and headset
9. smaller and better looking console
10 no power brick on the outside
11. free mmo games
12. ps+ is better then live

RedHawkX1712d ago

13. more people will have it on launch and beyond
14. can use any bluetooth headset or old headsets without attachment.

truthteller1712d ago Show
mewhy321712d ago

All good points. Wish I'd thought of those.

dcj05241712d ago

15.Several free to play games
16.PS VITA remoteplay.

blanket141711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

@redhawx dont forget about not needing to still buy AA batteries for this supposed "next gen cloud vcr video switcher thing! !! hahaha funny xbots they are so delusional. .. but bubs for you good points!

Anonimo1711d ago

13. Upgradable HDD
14. No mandatory NSA webcam.

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avengers19781712d ago

Every article that comes out like this always has one thing for certain... Fanboys calling other people fanboys.
You think PS4 is better your obviously a Sony fanboy, but if your on here spouting xb1 is better somehow your not a fanboy.
It's getting ridiculous the amount of fanboys calling out fanboys.

greenlantern28141712d ago

thats because sony fans are just sheep that will go along with anything. unlike those always level headed xbox fans (cough. sarcasm. cough)

guitarded771712d ago


This is the #1 feature being overlooked. You can play your PS4 games anywhere! How is this not the greatest feature ever?

BattleTorn1712d ago

hmmmm. You know, you have an excellent point.

It's a feature I've never used much of on the Wii U. But I don't have the type of games I expect from next-gen on Wii U - like awesome RPGs. (ahem *western)

I've always shrugged off remote play because I always think that it's coming to be a dumbed down, bare-boned, version of the PS3 game. Which I know is not what they are going for with remote play. I could definitely get pumped for full remote play.

JetP06191712d ago

@BATTLETORN, except wii u cant do remoteplay anywhere the same as vita.

iceman061712d ago

@BattleTorn...It will be the EXACT same game that you play on the PS4 (bar any controller tweaks that have to be made to play on the Vita) because the game will essentially be streamed from the PS4 to the Vita. All of the hard processing work is done on the system. It works pretty good right now. But, I think, the PS4 was actually designed with this in opposed to it being an added feature on PS3.

guitarded771712d ago

@ BattleTorn

I get what you're saying. I have a Wii U too, but I can't even play on my back poarch or in the next room. The signal from Wii U to gamepad goes less than 20 linear feet. With the Vita/PS4, I will be able to play anywhere. This is huge, but I haven't seen people getting that excited for it. I think iceman06 has a point with the PS4 and Vita being designed for this feature. There will probably be some latency, but if they can make it negligible, this will be a huge feather in Sony's hat that no one else will have.

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BattleTorn1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I believe your comment would garner even more support if you dropped #5 and #7.

To non gamers, the consoles look identical. (both black, somewhat retro design - and sqaure)

headblackman1712d ago

1 is questionable because of all of the extra advancements that are at available to the system and the developers and because the xbox one's gpu is still a very huge mystery. like it or not, but there is still time to add 8gigs of gddr5 for the gpu and keep the 8gigs of ddr3 for the cpu for all of it's multitasking functions. the 499 price range left a load of room just for that. the 100 dollars extra pricing clearly isnt because of the kinect, because we already know that the system itself has slighty lower specs which means a cheaper build (from the specs we know of as of now). so at best, even with the kinect being bundled in with the console, it shouldnt be but 349. so where is that extra 100 to 150 dollars? id say it's for either the gup upgrade or something massive that hasnt been announced yet. and there are a few more games shows left to pretty much relaunch the announcement of the console and win a few more hearts before the actual release of the system. there is a very good window of opportunity there for them that wont cause them to have to push the release back at all. it was done with the xbox 360 and it can be done again.

2 is clearly wrong. (the xbox brand clearly has the better exclusives. lets not get quantity confused with quality)

4 is just laughably dead wrong (everyone knows that the xbox brand of controllers have always been the better games controller for the games that we play today. and from xbox 360 up to the xbox one will be no difference because they didnt change any of the good things about the controller. they only added more good stuff to it (mainly a better dpad) :-)

5 is wrong because the ps4 also has a spy cam (and the ps4 has a higher chance of getting hacked because of it's weak network security as opposed to xbox live. this is not fiction. it's a fact. im sure you remember the 3 month down time from psn being hacked) nuff said about that one

6 is just your negative mind wanting to see it as them trying to screw you. i personally see it as them wanting to compete with steam on distribution and pricing (which IS the only way to compete with them)

7 is also a joke because they both look alike. the only difference is so minute that its not even a real changer or an improvement. the slight slanting of the front and the back of the console doesnt make it a better looking system. it makes it a trash design just like the xbox one. i dont like the look of either of them.


T21712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

1. MS will NOT change their specs now or it will delay their already treacherous launch which by pre-order is not going that well. Also the 499 did not leave a "range of room" why would they overcharge consumers, just to drop the price within one month? Then everyone would return them to retailer. The 499 is based on what they WANT to get from consumers. They are not going to throw in extras now.

2. LOL - worst argument yet. unless you are blatantly a troll, there is no way MS exclusives outpace Sony in anyones mind. Name one game that Sony has not copied in some form plus added others like uncharted which MS can not answer (fable lol). Halo/Gears/Forza is not a valid argument here. Neither are any timed exclusives like titanfall.

4. Controllers - wtf seriously why do people even bring this up. There are a whole range of aftermarket controllers, custom grips, custom buttons, custom triggers, etc, etc. This is not even a point. But if you do want to compare then DS4 has in fact gotten rave reviews.

5. Sony does not have a spycam, it has a webcam. One that can be SHUT OFF whenever you choose and does not feed consumer info to advertisers or to the government as in MS new agreement with the NSA. Also PSN was shut down from the SOURCE to update security, it was not hacked for 3 months. Microsoft also shut down their own XBL for security patches as well. Nuff said indeed.

6. You obviously enjoy bending over for large corportations who tell you what to like. Yes sir, I love always on tech.... I will certainly make sure I buy the 99 dollar ultra high speed internet so I can play all your games sir.

7. Who cares, other than a giant sphere or cube, smaller is always better if it functions. Not an issue.

8-16 - see above posters.

See I don't care which system I buy (but i'm only getting the best one) but I sure as hell am going to do research first, and that doesn't include listening to your propoganda straight from MS.

redwin1712d ago

It's like talking to a 14 years old... But keep saying that PS4 is better so you can believe it :/ , actually, I want you to stay with PS, it will make Xbox Live a better place

Docknoss1712d ago

No let me tell you why I'm gonna buy an xbox one over the Brickstation4. Oh wait no one should care bc Everyone has a choice and opinion. But you don't see me posting it I'm here. These articles are redundant and lame. How about some news about games and consoles not biased opinions.

DonFreezer1712d ago Show
3-4-51712d ago

I agree with everything except controller.

Controllers XB360 > DS3

Dual shock is too floaty in the analogs and too cramped in design compared to the 360 controller. They kept it the same basically, but I'm excited that they fixed some issues and the DS4 actually looks really good, so if I like the way it plays/feels then I'm getting a PS4 for sure.

So many good reasons to buy one.

quenomamen1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

All my reasons right there, and I especially like how the X boys have completely forgotten that their daddy MS had them buck naked bent over a couch, legs spread wide with a pound of vaseline on their asses. Matter of fact many of them are signing a petition begging to be put back on their stomachs again ! Now theyre yapping it up how the cloud will make their beloved X1 3X more powerfull, the X1 specs are not even finalized ( even though its probably in full production as we speak ). The amount of denile they have is amazing.

ssj271712d ago

my points and this are facts.

1) $100 cheaper than xbone.

2) 50% more raw power and easier faster to develop, multiplataform games will now look and run better or equal. developers love it! = better games

3) No forced spy camera that can even see the flow of your blood. You don't even know the agenda behind this camera. Is pure evilness believe me.

4) more AAA first party exclusives by better proven studios, way more indie games, way many more PC games that are not in the Xbone. In general the PS4 will have way many many many more games that you can't play on the XBONE.

5) GAIKA can do anything m$ clouds can and Gaika is actually proven that and have the experience. Sony has a amazing network and proven the most powerful network ever!.

6) The PSN has better and more features than the Xbox live, I mean you can play and help your friends from china to finish a level been in Los Angeles, that my fiend is amazing. ps+ have better deals and free games, xboxlive does not.

7) is # 1,2,3,4,5,6 are not enough then you are a m$ employed trolling.

famoussasjohn1712d ago

"my points and this are facts. "

"You don't even know the agenda behind this camera. Is pure evilness believe me. "

Dafuq. Stop talking out of your butt.

Also, it's Gaikai, not GAIKA.

ssj271712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

The agenda behind the camera is a fact, you are stupid enough to not see it and I got no time to explain you their agenda. you are free to do some research, google it.

Who care how it's called? my point is that GAIKAI = amazing very powerful network and servers. you an only complain that I forgot to add a "I" .
You are the typical naive who just lost a conversation and points out stupid things out of it to distract attention from the main subject.

I forgot to mention remote play! you can play any PS4 game with the vita away from the TV at any place. what a amazing feature.

FamilyGuy1712d ago

I'd add a few to that list:

8. PS+ IGC
9. Sony has more reliable hardware
10. More F2P games coming to PS4 = more value
11. More game studios = more games in the long run.

kenshiro1001712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )


Maybe your name should be changed to georgeen00b because you just got owned.

cedaridge1711d ago

Can I have a P S 4? LOL

Xboxonefan271711d ago

Xbox one has the better controller.You can buy the Xbox one with or with-out the Kinect.And we have better exclusives because they actually showed them on the Xbox One.Not PC power.

BallsEye1711d ago

Even better exclusives? Funny cause we have seen only one exclusive. You trolls are just amazing...get a life.

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Abash1712d ago

Im choosing it because I love most if not all PlayStation exclusive series and it feels nice paying only $399 to go next gen

negative1712d ago

Right because $499 is absolutely ludicrous.

Mr_Nuts1712d ago

Well if your paying more for less then yeah it is...least with the expensive PS3 back in 2006 we got a blu ray player with it which advantages has shined during the recent years.

MysticStrummer1712d ago

"Right because $499 is absolutely ludicrous."

It is for me because I don't want a camera on my console, One's TV functions are absolutely worthless to me since I haven't watched traditional TV in years, I prefer Sony's exclusives, I prefer Sony's controller, and if I'm paying more I expect more power. I think that about sums it up.

BattleTorn1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )


you know I actually think the TV functions are pretty nifty.... that said, I too haven't watched - nay, even had - cable in years, and years. I just skip cable, and stick to turbo internet.

sAVAge_bEaST1712d ago

yes, 499$ is absolutely Ludicrous, and ridiculous,.
For a less powerful, Glory-holed Cable Box. that will use Kinect to tell the Age, Weight, sex , & how many are in the room, to put customized Ads, on a service you pay for,.. Absolutely ludicrous.

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logan_izer101712d ago

I'm choosing PS4 because Xbox One is poo

IcicleTrepan1712d ago

Do we really need yet another one of these articles? I really don't care who you are or why you are buying which product of anything.