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Submitted by TimmyShire 945d ago | news

PS4: Mark Cerny Has Had 'No Negative Feedback' On DualShock 4

NowGamer: "Mark Cerny - the mind behind the PS4 - was at Develop this week to discuss the next-gen console from Sony and what makes the PS4 great.

Of particular interest is the controller which - judging by a lot of feedback from those that have had hands-on with it - is sounding like a considerable improvement over the controllers we have this generation.

In an interview, Mark Cerny revealed that - thanks to the collaborative efforts of his PS4 development team - the DualShock 4 has not had any negative feedback from those that have used it." (Mark Cerny, PS4)

PrivateRyan  +   945d ago
I'm just glad the L2 and R2 triggers have improved, loved the PS3 pad but I hated those buttons
Rusty515  +   945d ago
Lol. I still remember in about early 07 they had a PS3 set up in best buy (this is before I owned one) and I'm like oh cool I wanna play this thing. Then I put my fingers on the R2 and L2 triggers and I was like oh hell no. Haha glad they fixed it.
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Dno  +   945d ago
same lol
RedHawkX  +   945d ago
ds4 the most superior and best next gen controller ever created. this thing been upgraded more then iron man lol. i bet it has a proton cannon on it somewhere.

that tesserect glow :P
mewhy32  +   945d ago
The new Dual Shock is an awesome piece of hardware. It's comfortable, advanced, refined, and with the added touchpad, will offer control options that the xbone can't offer. Great work Sony.
TimmyShire  +   945d ago
mewhy32  +   945d ago
No but I do read and many PROFESSIONAL reviewers, editors, developers, journalists, have all actually used it and made the comments that I have listed here.
neoMAXMLC  +   945d ago
I've used it. And it's definitely the most comfortable controller I have ever held.

It has the size for a good grip, but the lightness and symmetrical design we've all loved since the original dual shock controller.
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LeonhartX  +   945d ago
i can't wait to get my hands on one :D

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TimmyShire  +   945d ago
Me neither! I haven't touched it but I've tried to find out as many opinions on it as possible and from all those who did they've been really - like REALLY - positive.

I actually didn't have a problem with the PS3 controller either (though I understand people's complaints) so this thing is going to be impossibly good for me! :)
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mkotechno  +   945d ago
Now force all of them to able players remap buttons as they want!
dcj0524  +   945d ago
They actually changed it. Dual shock has been the same since the analog stick add-on for PS1. About time they change ot after 16 years.
lemondish  +   945d ago
Well, same shape. The insides have changed each gen.
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EverydayGuy  +   945d ago
The best feature was the input lag improvement
N8  +   945d ago
My complaint is that I'm not holding one right now.
MasterCornholio  +   945d ago
Looks fantastic and i cant wait to get my hands on one.
Kaze88  +   945d ago
No negative feedback? well how about that the controller looks a total lackluster, its just too roundish on every angle. looks almost like a 3rd party controller. also if youre a perv then the handles look like dildos or something. + why the fuck does R2 and L2 STILL rest on the table? couldnt make anything so that they wouldnt rest on the table and accidently push them when you put down your controller? retarded!

But still going to get ps4 so boohoo, going get used to it.
Picnic  +   945d ago
I'm not a perv and they still look like dildos to me.

After you put that in my head they do anyway.
lemondish  +   945d ago
I'm sorry, but when a barely phallic shape makes you think 'dildo', there's nothing else to call it. This is the definition of perverted.
lemondish  +   945d ago
When a barely phallic shape makes you think 'dildo', there's nothing else to call it. You're a pervert lol

Are looks important for a controller? Are you often looking at it? Should form and function take a back seat to aesthetics?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you're also a moron on top of being a perv.
Kaze88  +   944d ago
Well if i want a couple dildos in my coffee table...ill put dildos on my coffee table. But youre right, aesthetics is more important. If it really feels like holding dildos on your hands, its going to be great (dildos fit perfectly on the hand u know). ;D
Hicken  +   945d ago
Sounds like complaining for the sake of complaining.
Kaze88  +   944d ago
Those are just things that annoys me on the controller...nothing more, nothing less.

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